The internet welcomed a new YouTube sensation in the past 24 hours and her name is Rebecca Black. She is a 17 year old “artist” signed with Ark Music Factory, an independent music label based in Los Angeles. While in most cases garnering viral video attention on YouTube is a great thing for aspiring artists, in the case of Rebecca Black it is more like a huge wake up call. The video is being taunted and made a mockery of all over Twitter and YouTube. The song is being critiqued for nonsensical lyrics and Rebecca’s talent is questioned. All of these responses are pretty much legitimate after you watch the video:

So now that you have decided what seat to take in the car and know what days come before and after Friday, we are sure your life is forever changed by that artistic expression of musical songwriting, production, and performance in some way…

The video has spawned the usual parodies and reaction videos on YouTube. Rebecca might still be able to revel in her internet fame and if she takes her comedic status lightly would do well to profit from the ringtones and appearances on talk shows that this could land her. Was it not Antoine Dodson who taught us all, with his “bed intruder” rendition, how to profit from embarrassment and use autotune to milk internet stardom until it could provide a somewhat steady trickle of income?

Check out some of the other “artists” that are currently signed to Ark Music Factory here:

What are your thoughts on this interesting label and their approach to discovering “talent”?

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  1. Autotune Barf

    I just hope this is a parody and she doesn’t go for American idol and end up the next one laughed off the stage


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