Fox has announced its 2011 summer scheduling, and “Lie to Me” will be one of the shows airing repeats this summer.

How is that good news? One has to think Fox wouldn’t schedule repeats of a cancelled show. This could be a strong indicator for an 11th hour renewal — causing this writer to eat a lot of crow based on our predictions in the TV Renewal/Cancellation scorecard.

“Lie to Me” received a truncated 13 episode third season, and performed rather poorly in the ratings. However, Fox has many underperformers this year: “Traffic Light,” “Fringe,” “Human Target,” and the now-cancelled “Running Wilde.” In hindsight, “Lie to Me” may have had the “best bad ratings” of the bunch, potentially paving the way for a fourth season pickup.

“Human Target” also received summer programming, while “Fringe” and fellow bubble show “The Chicago Code” did not.

So what this means all depends on how you read the subtle programming hints by the Fox execs.

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  1. wes

    I would love to have LIE TO ME back in the Summer and will watch it!!! Thank you!

    LIE TO ME was rushed in to cover up for a canceled show, and went up against Two Men and a Baby, MNF, and MLB Playoffs and did reasonably. Plus Tim Roth won a few awards this year. Good signs.

    • ZiZiJi

      Lie To Me is one of my favorite shows. Keep it on for us die hards, it will pick up in popularity, just keep it around long enough to do so.

  2. Sweetrick

    LIE TO ME*, I love the show’s concept. But you can always know that by the end of the episode that they will find who lied and that’s it. No plot twist or interesting continuing story. (the Lightman group going broke and rich again episode by episode is not a interesting continuing story.) Also Lightman is to cocky at times, which piss me off and the supporting characters just take it every episode from him the writers of the show make them weak and boring. I watch the first two season of the show and I barley know anything about any other character about their lives or twist stories. They need to step up and make a continuing story to a bigger plot like the other shows on T.V. that is not getting canceled (House, Bones, even V has a better story arc in my opinion) Also, what happen to Ben Reynolds on the show he is weak, too honest for the show and really avoids taking risk, so Lightman has to take it for him but never gets in trouble or sued for his crazy actions, this add to the shows lack of a interesting plot . At the end of your hour of watching; Lightman finds out the he is always right doesn’t some any remorse, then yells and treats his colleague like crap cause he is an ass and last doesn’t ever get the girl Dr. Gillian Foster because he is too afraid to be wrong. Next episode the same thing happens again; You wonder why no one is interested anymore about this show, because its Lying to you that it will change to something unpredictable and interesting.

  3. sara

    Human Target is the best show on TV… is all I care about coming back!

    • Heather

      I *loved* Human Target’s first season.

      I think the show runners F-d it up when they brought in the Mary Sue Bimbette Cat Thief with the horrible troubled past(tm). I can’t stand to even watch the character, so I avoid the show altogether.

      I know several other friends of mine who are the same way. That character annoys them so much, they just gave up on the show.

      Frankly, Pucci is okay, but I would have loved had they kept Lyla around. She was a great fit for the show and it wouldn’t have messed the dynamics up so much.

  4. karin

    The Chicago Code got reruns ,not Human Target…..;
    Lie to me is boring as hell,now

  5. Lucas Corso

    Lie to Me is truly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen. I really didn’t need a new variation of the police procedural. But the whole human lie detector bit could be interesting. If made credible. But that’s the main problem with Lie to Me. The science of show, which is interesting stuff, is so dumbed down that I can’t watch it at all. And Tim Roth, a good actor, is almost wasted. In an attempt to make Cal a Dr. House character, the writers instead turn him into a loathsome curmudgeon and nothing more. Lie to Me is a show I wanted to like. But I can’t. And I don’t. Hope it gets the ax, if only so Roth can latch onto a better project.

    • silvina5

      Lucas Corso: go back to “El Club Dumas”. Lie to Me is a good show.

      • Lucas Corso

        silvina5: Lie to Me was terrible, and thankfully was axed. Plus, Lucas Corso was never a member of The Club Dumas, and never would be.

  6. Celeste

    The shows going from strength to strength & finding it’s footing more & more. It’s a PCA x 2 winner & ratings are steadily improving. Excellent cast headed by brilliant Tim Roth. I’m hoping you will eat your words further down the track. I believe that may be in May sometime. It’s an intelligent & witty show with a main character dancing in light & shadows..& some don’t like such qualities in their shows. Hopefully Fox will be smart & allow this smart show a 4th season. 13eps were timing more than lack of confidence in the show.

  7. Joanne Mckenzie

    I would be a very unhappy fan if “Human Target and Bones” were cancelled. I think these two shows are the best shows on TV.

    Please keep these shows going.

    Loyal Fan!

  8. Milord

    Fox is a very reactionary network. Scheduling seems to be the major problem with fan support. Why must we constantly have to search listings to find out when our favorite shows are going to be on THIS week? Of COURSE Fringe had crappy ratings. Only teenaged babysitters watch TV on Friday nights. Neither critical acclaim nor talented production will guarantee viewership.

  9. BurntToast

    I love “Lie to Me” and I hope that they renew the show and produce new episodes. However, I do think they need to change the format. Quite frankly, they need to get rid of Gillian.

    First, we don’t need another partner hook-up. It is obvious that they want to play off this romantic/sexual tension between Cal and Gillian. It’s been done by nearly every Fox show and it is just too tired.

    Second, instead of weekly stand alone episodes, they need to drag out storylines for an entire season. This was one of the key elements of the success of The Wire. If Gillian’s character was killed off, then there could be an overarching storyline for an entire season with Cal trying to solve the case. The difficulty arises when he attempts to separate his personal feelings towards Gillian from the science.

    Third, they need to make him less perfect. He could be the initial suspect in her murder thus allowing for the other members of the team to shine. He could then spend the remainder of the series re-establishing his credibility thus allowing for new plot lines and the occasional miss (even House loses a patient once and a while).

    Fourth, they need to reshuffle the cast. They can bring back in Mekhi Phifer. The city cop is just too plain boring and is there for filler. Perhaps Lightman loses the Lightman Group and Eli and Torres have to find new positions to support themselves; thus, they aren’t always hanging around and new complex conflicts of interest can be introduced. Yet, they remain loyal to Cal and work with him to track down Gillian’s killer.

  10. Mr Universe

    Well Locher is showing up on Castle next week as Beckett’s new partner. That doesn’t generally bode well for renewal unless his character is making a temp appearance. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be using the off season to produce new Lie 2 Me episodes?

  11. Nichele

    I am a late comer to the show, but totally hooked, even have my mother hooked too. Please don’t give up on it!!!! Lie to me….is my favorite! Been catching up on shows from Netflix.

  12. Heather

    I LOVE Lie to Me!!!! It is one of a kind. It has to come back for another season. If I can’t watch it live I make sure it’s dvr. As a matter of fact, it is my #1 dvr pick.

  13. Charles

    if the network executives cancel this show it just proves why you should never watch network television.

    Lie to me is a very original and fantastic show.I’m getting tired of network television they keep playing shows for children looking for a blank mind for advertisers to control. Quality television barely exists.

  14. Lovie

    Vero: ecco un esempio indecente di stupida intolleranza “laicista”: io, non credente, sarei andato molto volentieri ad ascoltare il Papa e poi avrei commentato le sue parole, magari dicendo di non essere d’accordo. Ma l’intolleranza non e’ solo “laicista”, ma anche &#sic0;2ler2cali8ta”, purtroppo (l’ex-ministro Calderoli ad es. ha detto che imporrebbe a tutti la religione cattolica a scuola e ha chiamato il Card. Tettamanzi “imam di Milano”).


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