The Eclipse Litetouch Keyboard is a wireless keyboard that can either connect via USB or Bluetooth with pretty decent range (seems like it loses its juice once you are 15-20 feet away). This sleek looking keyboard also offers a little trackball mouse (with left/right click capabilities) so that the keyboard is essentially an all-in-one peripheral. The mouse isn’t the greatest, but it will certainly do the job for web browsing and the like. The mouse would not be good if you are trying to play a game on the computer, for example. The keyboard is also backlit, which looks really nice and is easy to see when used in the dark, and it has a lit up touch pad on the side that I will later go into further detail with. The keyboard works with any computer and also works with my ps3.

The keyboard has a rechargeable battery inside that can be recharged through a wall socket or through a USB attachment directly with the computer. The battery is strong, it can be used regularly for a few weeks without needing a recharge and the recharge itself goes relatively quickly as well. The keyboard is light and mobile and the keys feel good and solid to the touch. But what sets this keyboard apart from the others is the touchscreen to the right of the keyboard.

When you purchase this keyboard, it will come with a disc that you can install on the computer that lets the user create shortcuts directly from the keyboard’s touch screen. Out of the touch screen controls, the user has the ability to change the computer’s volume level and brightness level through one of the touch screen’s icons and you’ll also see the keyboard’s battery level through an icon on the touch screen. The touch screen also offers three different modes: number pad, favorites, and music/file controls. The music control mode will allow you to pause, record, play, rewind, etc. when you play music/video files. You can have particular music or videos turn on once you press the corresponding icon if programmed and there is also the mode that gives you a functional number pad. You can program in favorite website shortcuts, command shortcuts, or even program shortcuts in the favorites mode. What is also unique is that you can save different profiles so that if multiple people are using the keyboard they can have their own settings, commands, favorites, etc. saved as a profile and when others want to use the keyboard, all of their saved settings are just a click away.

The only problem that I have seen or heard about this product is the connectivity of the keyboard. Sometimes there are minor malfunctions that make the keyboard lose connectivity with the computer and that can be frustrating for users if they have to keep trying to figure out how to get the peripheral re-connected. Otherwise this is all in all a really nice wireless keyboard if you are in the market for one. The attached mouse and the functionality of the tough screen really bring the keyboard home for me. It really has everything you need as far as a mouse/keyboard is concerned. Look online for decent prices.

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