Each week Blast will point you in the direction of three brand-spanking new songs. We encourage you to give them a listen and let us know what you think. From new offerings from your favorite bands to the most wonderfully weird sounds on the web – here are the three tracks set to blast off this week.

3. Emalkay – Fabrication

The rise and rise of the heavy sub-bass sound continues with this wibbling speaker-smasher from dubstep producer, Emalkay. We’ve only been able to find a teaser-length cut of this track online, but it’s enough to leave your eardrums thudding with joy.

2. Broken Bells – Windows

Currently available to steam via the NPR Music website is the new release collaborators Danger Mouse (Gnarles Barkley) and James Mercer (The Shins). Known together as Broken Bells, the duo’s debut album was one of last year’s most satisfying LPs. The new song continues to build on the combination of slick production and sweet falsetto vocals. With a new EP on the way, we can happily expect yet more from this talented twosome.

1. Tune-Yards – Gangsta

Without doubt the most off-the-wall selection of the week, and probably the most refreshing. Merrill Garbus is wacky genius behind Tune-Yards. Garbus’ vocals at times resemble a belligerent Nina Simone. The inventively sampled sirens, vocals, and percussion on “Gangsta” blend with an impassioned hook that exclaims “Bang-Bang-Bang-Oy! / Never move to my hood / ‘Cause danger is crawling out the wood.” If those lines aren’t chopped into a floor-filling rap song soon, then a golden opportunity will have been missed by super producers the world over. Whether or not this fantastic original gets remixed within an inch of its life remains to be seen. For now, with a second album out soon, Tune-Yards sound like the future.

Here is a link to the recorded version of “Gangsta,” but if you really want your mind blown, check out YouTube for videos of Garbus performing the song live.

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