The TV Renewal/Cancellation Scorecard has been updated to reflect these numbers.

No surprise that “American Idol” was the most-watched program Thursday; it drew a 6.5 in the demo, more than three full points ahead of the next highest program for the night. It’s lead-in boosted “Bones” to season highs, where it drew a 3.4 in the demo.

“CSI” took advantage of the lessened competition at 9 pm; against “Bones” it came up second in the hour with a 3.1 demo, its highest in several months. “Big Bang Theory” was even versus its last airing, as was “Rules of Engagement” from its last post-“Theory” airing.

“Engagement” is performing solidly at 8:30 — a 2.8 is nothing to scoff at. But CBS has a long history of canceling these solid performing shows, especially its worst performing comedy. So who gets the boot, “$#!* my Dad Says” or “Rules of Engagement?”

* Repeat

8 pm

American Idol: 6.5 demo, 21.8 million viewers

Big Bang Theory: 3.8 demo, 12 million viewers

*Wipeout: 1.7 demo, 5.5 million viewers

*Community: 1.0 demo, 2.7 million viewers

*Vampire Diaries: .5 demo, 1.3 million viewers


Rules of Engagement: 2.8 demo, 9.5 million viewers

*Perfect Couples: .8 demo, 2 million viewers

9 pm

Bones: 3.4 demo, 11 million viewers

CSI: 3.1 demo, 14 million viewers

*Wipeout: 1.9 demo, 5.5 million viewers

*The Office: 1.4 demo, 3 million viewers

*Nikita: .3 demo, 1.1 million viewers


*Parks and Recreation: 1.1 demo, 2.5 million viewers

10 pm

The Mentalist: 3.0 demo, 14.4 million viewers

*Grey’s Anatomy: 1.2 demo, 3.5 million viewers

*30 Rock: 1.1 demo, 2.4 million viewers


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