March 9 was the day when the legendary Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G., whose real name was Christopher Wallace, was shot and killed in Los Angeles 14 years ago. He released his first album “Ready to Die” in 1994 and released the next one “Life After Death” two weeks after his death in 1997. His last album ended up selling more than 10 million copies.

His murder is still unsolved today,

As he was also known as Biggie Smalls, #BiggieDay was a trending hashtag on Twitter all day Wednesday, which was started by Diddy. Some artists, including Lupe Fiasco, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, and Wiz Khalifa, showed their respects on Twitter.

R.I.P. Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997)

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