*Our TV Renewal/Cancellation scorecard has been updated to reflect these ratings!

While not exactly a shoe-in for renewal, “The Chicago Code” was even with last week with a 2.1 in the 18-49 demo. Given Fox’s many other woes, that could be enough to earn the show a second season. House was up to a 3.8 rating, leading all shows for the night.

“The Cape” aired its season, and most certainly series finale, drawing a 1.1 in the demo. News wasn’t much better for “Harry’s Law” or “Chuck,” which drew a 1.8 and 1.7 respectively. While those would be cancellation-worthy numbers, both remain tossups for survival given NBC’s overall woes.

ABC led the evening, thanks to a potent one-two punch of “The Bachelor” and “Castle, which led the 10 pm hour.

CBS had a decent night: “How I Met Your Mother” was down, while “Mad Love’s” 2.7 demo may put it in danger. Obviously Charlie Sheen’s antics haven’t hurt the show; it drew a 3.2 in the demo for a repeat. “Mike and Molly” is the bona fide hit of the 2010-2011 season; it increased viewership from a repeat of “Two a Half Men” to a 3.4 demo.

I don’t really know what to make of the CW. If the entire lineup is equally bad, will they cancel the whole network?

* repeat

8 pm

House: 3.8 demo, 11 million viewers

How I Met Your Mother: 3.4 demo, 9.2 million viewers

The Bachelor (8-10 pm): 3.4 demo, 11.2 million viewers

Chuck: .1.7 demo, 5.3 million viewers

90210: .7 demo, 1.4 million viewers


Mad Love: 2.7 demo, 7.9 million viewers

9 pm

*Two and A Half Men: 3.2 demo, 11.5 million viewers

The Chicago Code: 2.1 demo, 8 million viewers

The Cape: 1.1 demo, 4 million viewers

Gossip Girl: .7 demo, 1.3 million viewers


Mike and Molly: 3.4 demo, 11.4 million viewers

10 pm

Castle: 2.8 demo, 10.2 million viewers

*Hawaii Five-O: 1.9 demo, 7.2 million viewers

Harry’s Law: 1.8 demo, 9.1 million viewers

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