Kat Boelskov, straight out of Copenhagen, began making acoustic electronica rock music since she was 15 years old and was producing in London by 21.

She has worked on various rock, electronic, and pop projects, but the majority of her musical career lies within her own productions. Her first album, Amateur, combines influences ranging from Alanis Morissette, Regina Spektor, Bjørk, to Karin Dreijer. The underlying theme of all her music is “women.”

Boelskov says the women she writes about are, “The ones who are not plain or too ‘normal’.”

Inspiration from all different areas comes together into her music. It sprouts from Boelskov’s sensitivity and strong emotions.

“Sometimes I just imagine things: inspired by a line in a book, or a piece of art, or the weather. Everything,” as she elaborates on her creativity.

Songs from Amateur such as the single “Everything” are fan favorites, but the diversity of Boelskov’s tracks make them difficult to compare and contrast. Her next album, coming this summer, will be less “genre-confused” than the first. It will be more focused.

When differentiating her second album from the first, she said, “I had so many directions I wanted to go. There was no one to tell me when to hold back. I am trying to give the next one more direction.”

But Boelskov faces perhaps her biggest challenge of all: performing live. Despite her growing popularity, thousands of fans on Facebook and Twitter, the Dane has never performed live in front of an audience.

She’s been asked to travel as far as Mexico, Germany, and Brazil to play, but live performances still remain a goal.

“It is very very difficult to be working on my own with no budget,” she said.

Boelskov hopes to solve problems by signing with a producer for her second album. One of the things that have made the musical progress worth the effort, she says, is when she gets feedback from her fans.

For now, Boelskov wants her audience to look forward to her new album and follow her fan pages on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

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