We here at Blast follow the television ratings pretty closely (you can check out the previous night’s ratings and analysis of what they mean each afternoon here at Blast), and there’s pretty much only one reason: so we can tell you what’s getting canceled, what’s getting renewed, and frankly, what we’re not sure about.

All that data has been taken–and put into this: Blast’s handy, dandy TV Renewal/Scoreboard. We’re breaking it down into FIVE categories: Definitely Coming Back, Maybe Coming Back, Could Go Either Way, Probably Getting Canceled, Definitely Getting Canceled.

Feel free to stew, disagree, yell and cry in the comments. And check back regularly–we’re going to be updating constantly as new show data comes out, until official renewals/cancellations are announced.

* Designates a show that has already been renewed.


* 30 Rock

The Amazing Race

*American Dad

American Idol

America’s Funniest Home Videos

The Bachelor

*The Big Bang Theory (Renewed for three additional seasons)

The Biggest Loser


* Castle

*The Cleveland Show


*Cougar Town

Criminal Minds

Danging with the Stars

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

*Family Guy



*Grey’s Anatomy

Hell’s Kitchen


*How I Met Your Mother: Renewed for two season by CBS.

Law and Order: SVU

The Mentalist

*The Middle

Mike and Molly

*Modern Family



*The Office

*Parks and Recreation

*Private Practice

*Raising Hope

*The Simpsons

Supernatural: It’s the highest-rated show on the CW (besides Smallville, already ending) so its probably not going anywhere unless deals with the cast and crew can’t be worked out.


*Two and a Half Men: Even though the show has been renewed for one additional season (and eight episodes slated for production that were canceled this season), further turmoil behind the scenes could ultimately end the show early, despite it being the number one show on CBS.

The Vampire Diaries



America’s Next Top Model

Body of Proof: It hasn’t been great after its initial outing, but its better than most of ABC’s pathetic freshman class.

CSI: The main show still draws in the high 2.0 on Thursdays, but it’s third in the hour. Look for CBS, the second most watched network on television, to try and reclaim Thursday, by possibly moving CSI and CSI: Miami to Fridays — basically putting them out to pasture.

CSI: Miami: It’s Sunday ratings have perked up; it’s a shoe-in to return, though it may anchor Friday.

Gossip Girl

Kitchen Nightmares: This show draws a pretty weak number on Fridays, but its also stronger than most shows on Friday, and is unscripted, and thus, cheap.

Parenthood: It’s coming in last in its timeslot and still bouncing a lot, but it outdraws anything else on NBC’s schedule.


Blue Bloods: It bounced up to a 1.9 in the latest ratings, officially confusing the TV Scorecard.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: It aired without a lead-in, but the ratings still sank most recently. That can’t be good, and CBS can’t be happy with this show hovering in the mid-2s, which they envisioned as the latest in a long line of TV franchise expansion. Gut feeling is it’s coming back, if only because its mid-2s are better than anything else CBS has.

CSI: NY: It hit a 2.0 this Friday; that’s a good sign.

Desperate Housewives: It just hit series lows while the cast is seeking raises. Bad sign for an eighth season?

The Good Wife: With its latest ratings, I’d be inclined to say its likely to be canceled. Most would disagree, but the aura of a well-liked and reviewed show can only block out the truth for so long.

Harry’s Law: It keeps falling in the demo, but its been following “Modern Family” repeats and airing against “American Idol.” More telling signs will come after new “Modern Family” airs.

Happy Endings: If it keeps those debut ratings, it comes back. If not?

Hellcats: The CW is consistent, if not stagnant. How to create hits? Cancel unpopular shows and give something new a try. Well what do you cancel if everything’s doing the same? Oh…

Lie to Me: The renewal of “Fringe” has to hurt its chances.

Mr. Sunshine: It limped through its first season, 80% of it without a decent lead-in. Gut says ABC will give it another go round.

Nikita: Same sitch as “Hellcats.”

One Tree Hill: Its ratings are enough to come back, so its pretty much up to the cast. If you had done EIGHT YEARS of that show, would you want another one? I mean, everyone except the guy from Laguna’s Beach.


Brothers and Sisters: It’s latest ratings pretty much seal its fate.

Better with You: It’s just not doing very well, and its recent ratings are too bad for a renewal. It may see its slot replaced by “Mr. Sunshine.”

The Chicago Code: With its latest ratings, its a goner.

Chuck: It’s ratings are just too bad to justify a likelihood for renewal, or even a toss up. The woes that NBC suffers may spare it, but under normal circumstances, its likely to be canceled.

The Event: Sorry fans of this serial, but its certainly not returning with these ratings.

Human Target: Terrible retention out of American Idol, this ones gone.

Law and Order: LA: It’s just not working out.

Mad Love: It’s latest ratings, and the airing of originals surrounded by repeats is not a good sign.

Off the Map: If the ratings didn’t signal this, then its stars joining pilots did. If you’re holding out some hope for this…don’t be stupid.

Outsourced: I would say definitely getting canceled, but you just never know on NBC.

Perfect Couples: It’s main star has been cast in a fall pilot, signifying he’s been released from his contract. Not a good sign.

Rules of Engagement: It’s not holding its own on the schedule this season, and CBS has a history of high expectations for their comedies. It’s never been scheduled consistently and has been shepherded by the network to syndication length — something it should be at by now.

Traffic Light: Terrible ratings; no chance.

V: It ended the season on a low note.


Bob’s Burgers: Flew pretty high at first, then became an incredibly fast burnout. Passionate fanbase, all three of them.

The Cape: I liked this one at first; I couldn’t even sit through the third episode. Apparently, no one else could either.

Chase: Already canceled.

The Defenders: The lowest rated show on CBS.

Detroit-1-8-7: That’s 0 for 2 now for Michael Imperioli on ABC.

The Good Guys

Life Unexpected

Live to Dance: This show was pathetically low-rated. Maybe Paula shouldn’t have left AI.

Lone Star


My Generation

No Ordinary Family: The star of the show is filming a pilot for the fall.

Running Wilde

**Smallville: Final season

The Whole Truth


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  1. John Schreiber

    Smallville isnt getting cancelled, its just ending because they feel 10 seasons is enough

  2. wes

    Something tells me, Fox really likes this show, and it’s been put in a really tough spot. Like the Good Wife, Tim Roth has recently won awards for the show… it’s still in rough shape, but seems likely to get another chance.

  3. Blast Magazine Newsroom

    USA’s Burn Notice and Royal Pains are definitely coming back as well — Burn Notice beats a lot of network shows and is one of the highest rated cable shows on TV right now.


    I hope they did not do a season finale with so many story lines not answered on off the map and then cancel the show surely do a partial season

  5. Erin Thompson

    8-9: 90210
    9-10: Life Unexpected

    8-9: Hellcats
    9-10: The Vampire Diaries

    8-9: One Tree Hill
    9-10 Gossip Girls

    8-9: Nikita
    9-10: Supernatural

    8-9: Shedding For The Wedding
    9-10: New Drama Show

    Saturday Sunday
    11:00 to 4:00 PM: American Next Top Model


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