by Elizabeth Gruchy

Every Saturday afternoon on the Emmanuel College campus, you can see Kaitlyn Hajjar and her group of Quidditch-loving athletes running back and forth between hoops on their Scarlet Falcon brooms.

What looks like a fantasy game for lovers of all things Harry Potter is actually becoming a somewhat respected and challenging physical contact sport.

“I got hit in the mouth the first week with something and walked off the field bleeding,” said Hajjar, the founder and president of EC’s Quidditch team.

Hajjar said the team is still looking for players.

“We have 15 people who show up every week but anyone is welcome to join. Were actually looking for a snitch right now,” she said.

For anyone looking to join the team Hajjar gave me some tips and what you’ll need to play:

1. Agility- As a player you’ll need to have great agility to run around the field holding your broom as well as a volleyball used as the quaffel. The broom is hard and can often leave bruises on your legs.

2. Aim- In order to score a player must get their ball through one of the other team’s three hoops. This requires good aim as the keeper tries to defend the hoops.

3. Sense of Humor- It takes a very passionate person to run around on a broom stick in public. Each player must not be afraid of what people think. Quidditch is a nationally recognized sport and the team follows a very strict hand book.

4. Mouth Guard- The only thing you’ll need to buy with your own money is a mouth guard to protect your teeth from any bashes from a stray broom.

If any student thinks he or she has what it takes to fulfill the role of beater, chaser, keeper, seeker or snitch, they can meet the group behind St. Joe’s Residence Hall at Emmanuel every Saturday at 1 p.m. and join their Facebook group, Emmanuel College Quidditch.

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