ABC came in fourth place on Tuesday night, behind an increasingly weak slate of programming. “V” held steady however with a 1.9 demo. That’s in cancellation range for the network, but it outdrew the other two programs on ABC’s slate. Might ABC renew the drama? Unlikely, but if “V” can rise to a 2.0, it will make a case for a truncated third season. “No Ordinary Family” drew a 1.4 rating in the demo; it will surely be cancelled.

On CBS, “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Anageles” both led their respective hours and were among the top programs on television. “The Good Wife” fell to second in its hour, and more importantly, drew just a 1.9 in the demo, less than half of the 3.9 demo “NCIS:LA” drew in the hour proceeding. While “The Good Wife” draws a lot of critical acclaim, its very difficult to see CBS renewing such a low rated drama. If the ratings trend continues, it will firmly move from the bubble, to likely to be cancelled.

“Glee” was up from last week with a 4.3 demo, while “Raising Hope” was about normal with a 2.5. “Traffic Light” drew a 1.7, and is sure to be cancelled.

8 pm

NCIS: 4.4 demo, 21.2 million viewers

Glee: 4.3 demo, 10.5 million viewers

Biggest Loser Couples: 2.4 demo, 6.6 million viewers

No Ordinary Family: 1.4 demo, 4.8 million viewers

9 pm

NCIS: Los Angeles: 3.9 demo, 18.6 million viewers

Biggest Loser Couples: 3.1 demo, 8.3 million viewers

Raising Hope: 2.5 demo, 6.2 million viewers

V: 1.9 demo, 5.1 million viewers


Traffic Light: 1.7 demo, 4.1 million viewers

10 pm

Parenthood: 2.1 demo, 5.5 million viewers

The Good Wife: 1.9 demo, 11.5 million viewers

What Would You Do?: 1.4 demo, 4.1 million viewers

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  1. Leighton Williams

    V holds steady! Just a tenth away from a 2.0, with three episodes left, and the action and story about to go up a notch, i see no reason why this has a chance to hit that mark and surpass it some. LETS GO!!

  2. Bryon

    I am so disappointed to hear that “No Ordinary Family” is in danger of being canceled. It is my favorite show on TV right now. I guess they can’t compete with Glee. A new time slot may help. I just love that I can use my employee HD DVR with DISH Network and watch in HD anytime I want to. I work at night so without my DVR I would not be able to watch “No Ordinary Family” in high quality HD at home. I’d have to go to my neighbors or wait for it to come out on Bluray.

  3. Me

    No Ordinary Family and V are my two favorite shows on right now. It seems like every show I like is always cancelled.


    I guess there just aren’t enough sci-fi viewers with Nielson boxes…. 🙁

  4. Topher

    No Ordinary Family needs to be moved to a better timeslot, not cancelled outright. Of COURSE it’s going to lose to Glee and NCIS. Nothing ABC puts in that slot is going to hold up very well. Put it on at a better time or a better night before you just throw away one of the best shows on network television today. If they take it off, I won’t be watching anything other than White Collar on Tuesday nights.

  5. Xenu


    If Sarah Connor had been a 1.9, I think we might have pulled that one off. V is definitely
    in a better position than our favorite scary robot was. I miss Dollhouse too…

  6. Danny

    I get so sick of buying into a series just so networks can take it away. I love No ordinary family and V, they are well written and entertaining. No ordinary family is the only show on that my wife and daughter and I sit down and watch together. “Me says” I agree with you and you can add
    American Gothic and too many sitcoms to name.


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