Half Life 2: Episode 2 was released on October 10 2007. That’s three years, four months and 11 days, or 1230 days ago as of this writing (but hey who’s counting). Apparently though, it’s still too early to talk about the long anticipated next game in the series, Half Life 2: Episode 3.

“Valve is still not prepared to talk about” Half-Life: Episode Three at the moment,” the series head writer Chet Falisek said in a recent interview with News.com.au before acting like the phone was getting bad reception.

How far off from the game are we? Who even knows. A new rumor though, suggests that the game may not even release in episodic form, but rather in retail box form. Either way, we just want the game now…please?


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  1. cre8ive65

    Remeber, the gap between halflife 1 and halflife 2 was about 10 years… so they could take a while… personally, I want them to take a while, and produce a quality game. Also, I think the portal 2 storyline will give us many hints as to halflife 3 story… portal 2 takes place in 2109 and halflife 2 takes place in 2050ish… so earth still exists. Also the combine are after instant teleportation, something appeture has to offer, I think appeture could have a combine invasion

    • Miko

      Yes, but he’s not talking about HL3. HL2:ep3 is the 3rd part of a cut up HL2 sequel. Originally they said each episode would be released 6 months to a year apart.

      I think George R.R. Martin is their scheduling director.

    • Augure

      Get your facts straight: Half-Life was release in 1998 and Half-Life 2 was released in 2004, so only 6 years separate them.

      The upgraded graphics demo Lost Coast was released in 2005, then Episode One in 2006 and Episode Two in 2007.

      So now, 7 years after HL2 should be the time we hear about Half-Life 3, but the Episode Three should’ve already been released which is not even the case.

      Let’s not have Half-Life 3 become the new Duke Nukem Forever.

  2. fugginLuuv

    it would turn out better for valve if the new and last installment of hl2-e3 came out as a sequel rather than an episode
    people are gonna be all like ‘hm,half life3 sounds like an promising game” .BUT as an half life episode-3 people are gonna go “WTF, im i sopossed to know the other two episodes…SCREWWW THAT

  3. Xacto01

    Valve wanted to try an iterative way of updating their content so that they can get feedback and improve rapidly. I guess they didn’t have enough resources to do 3 or 4 games at once with only 200ish employees.


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