Marvel VS Capcom's first DLC, available March 1

Now that Marvel VS Capcom 3 is on the shelves (check out our review here), our minds instantly turn to what’s next, and in this case, it’s a brand new set of alternate costumes for six of the game’s most storied characters.

Due out March 1, the first DLC pack contains 80’s era Thor, Captain America as Steve Rodgers, Iron Man as the Iron Patriot, Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 1 attire, Street Fighter 1 Ryu and Sparda Dante.

A rumor is also swirling that code has been found in the game for Marvel’s Doctor Octopus and Dead Rising’s Frank West. It’s not known if this is just left over code from when the two characters were in the game or if they are the next planned DLC.

Stick with Blast for more info as it becomes available.

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