At long last, Michael Rosenbaum is returning to “Smallville,”just in time for the series finale. The actor, who had previously declined to return to the series that made him a household name (in cult circles) sealed a deal to return for the May 13 finale.

“It feels like the stars are aligning, literally,” according to a statement from Executive Producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. “We couldn’t be more excited about having Michael back. And as far as the way he returns…there’ll be no doubt about how Lex becomes the great rival in Clark Kent’s life. He is the villain of the story.”

Rosenbaum also released a statement, “I’m delighted to return for the series finale. I’m simply doing it for all of the fans out there who made Smallville the great success it is. I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness and even their threats.” reported earlier in the week that Rosenbaum had ultimately declined to return to the series after a three year absence. His character Lex Luthor was a main character on the long-running show for the first seven seasons; he was written out after Rosenbaum sought an exit from the show. Luthor has been portrayed by other actors or with clever plot devices since, but much of the tenth and final season of the show has been about a young clone growing into Luthor once more, opening the door for Rosenbaum’s return.

After the article detailing the unlikelihood of Rosenbaum’s return, many fans were extremely upset, this once included. Perhaps the article helped persuade the actor to return for one more go round.

Well fans, just a few more months and “Smallville” will wrap up its ten year run, as the longest-tenured Sci-Fi show ever. What do you think? Are you excited Lex is coming back?

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