No idea why everything last night was having trouble luring viewers (perhaps everyone was watching the Lakers/Celtics game?) but several shows hit season or series lows.

“Grey’s Anatomy” drew its lowest rating of the season with a 3.9 in the 18-49 demo. “Private Practice” was actually up a tick to a 2.7.

“American Idol” was down to a 7.2 in the demo, its lowest ratings of the season. It’s still a behemoth, but its looking like the show may dip in the high 5.0 realm before the seasons through–and that would be showing a God can bleed. “Bones” drew a 3.3, a much higher number than “Human Target” the night before, which came out of a much higher demo from American Idol; proving again why its likely “Human Target” will be cancelled.

The NBC comedies were typical of NBC. “The Office” was typically strong, “Parks and Rec” was down but continues its upward trend indicating a likely renewal, while “30 Rock” was about even with its ratings trend. After a better start in the new year, “Community” has fallen back, and its 1.8 rating isn’t quite to definite cancellation, but it doesn’t look good.

On CBS, its looking increasingly likely that “$#!* My Dad Says” won’t come back for a second season. And with “CSI” continuing to trend down, the show is likely about one season removed from cancellation–unless CBS gutsily decided to cancel it this year.

8 pm

American Idol: 7.2 demo, 21.5 million viewers

The Big Bang Theory: 3.9 demo, 12.8 million viewers

Wipeout: 2.2 demo, 6.9 million viewers

Community: 1.8 demo, 3.8 million viewers

8:30 pm

$#!* My Dad Says: 2.7 demo, 10.4 million viewers

Perfect Couples: 1.5 demo, 3 million viewers

9 pm

Grey’s Anatomy: 3.9 demo, 10.4 million viewers

The Office:3.6 demo, 7 million viewers

Bones: 3.3 demo, 10 million viewers

CSI: 2.8 demo, 12.6 million viewers

9:30 pm

Parks and Recreation: 2.6 demo, 5.1 million viewers

10 pm

The Mentalist: 2.9 demo, 14.7 million viewers

Private Practice: 2.7 demo, 7.3 million viewers

30 Rock: 2.3 demo, 4.6 million viewers

10:30 pm

Outsourced: 1.7 demo, 3.6 million viewers

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  1. rose

    I like Greys Anatomy. I think that the show is starting to slow down a little with all the new shows that have been coming out. I usually am at DISH Network working when Greys comes on, but I always make sure that I record it and watch it the next morning. I love watching my shows in HD I think it makes it sooo much better to watch. With DISH I get HD free for life so it’s awesome. I get to watch all my shows in HD and I love it.

  2. Ashley Decker

    $#!* My Dad Says won’t be back??
    In what universe does 10.4 million viewers not enough for a show to be considered a hit? BBT is a huge hit and got renewed in a multi-year deal, and Bleep is behind, but it’s not losing horribly from it’s lead it, enough to beat out two other networks (take your pick) combined.
    You might be a tad off on that prediction!


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