We’ve been following “X-Men: First Class” pretty closely here at Blast! since it reappeared on our radar last month, and today the first trailer for the film came out.

It’s really little more than a teaser trailer, but the clip does give some good clues about the plot of the film.

This is clearly a 60s film. JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis seems to be front-and-center in this film. This early 60s setting and vibe is very reverential of the original comics; X-Men debuted in September of 1963.

The early images of the trailer compare Magneto and Professor X from the previous films, to their current incarnations. We’re then given a few shots of characters appearing in the film, including Oscar-nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Zoe Kravitz as Angel, Nicholas Hoult as a human Beast, Lucas Till as Havok, and Ed Gathegi as Darwin, as well as a pretty small shot of January Jones as Emma Frost.

As typical with trailers, the scenes then start coming pretty quickly. We see images of Nicholas Hoult in a more-blue-furred Beast piloting the X-Wing (a 1960s Blackbird), then a quick cut of him transforming. We see January Jones as Emma Frost turning into her diamond form next to Kevin Bacon as Sebastion Shaw. So it looks like that will be her power in the film.

We’re also treating to Havok using his powers, and while he emanates them typical to his comic counterpart, the red energy really drives home his relation to Cyclops.

Also, we get a few looks at Jason Flemying as Azazel, as he teleports and is shown in a few combat scenes.

This is definitely early X-Men; the trailer appears to show the first use of Cerebro, and some early dissent between Charles and Erik.

And did anyone catch that hint at a love story between the Beast and Mystique? Obviously it doesn’t work out, as Mystique ultimately hooks up with Azazel to conceive Nightcrawler.

Finally, the trailer really seems to indicate that the X-Men (or whatever they will be called in the film) will play a big part in the Cuban Missile Crisis, as they seem to engage several war ships off a coastal island….likely Cuba.

What do you think? It’s a brief trailer, definitely more of the teaser variety, so hopefully more light will be shed on the film in the future.

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  1. Sketchee

    Anyone recognize anything in the Marvel page flips? This is usually something from the comics related to the film. I remember Phoenix in either X-2 or X-3’s flip

  2. Luster

    I think this sounds horrible! Why not actually use the comics to make an awesome movie that would be enjoyed by fans and non fans alike. They screwed up the timeline and characters alike. Beast didn’t have hair in the beginning of x-men and White Queen or Emma Frost dos t show till way later. I could rage about this all day. On a positive note I’m sure it will be better than last stand but that isn’t saying much bc that was a big ol steamer!


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