So, right after the Super Bowl Halftime show, Twitter has been full of excitement and criticism. It really depends on your music taste and music background but what did you think of the show? We are neutral as much as possible here. Yes, we are.

The Black Eyed Peas kicked off the Super Bowl XLV halftime show with their hit from last year, “I Gotta Feeling.” And they started playing “Boom Boom Pow” while the stage was full of amazing lighting. The sound effect was not very good but it was not the performers’ fault anyway.

And Slash emerges from underneath (that’s how he usually appears), performing “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” to which Fergie joined. People had a lot to say regarding this combination (at least on Twitter). But again, it totally depends on your taste, so there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer to admit the combination.

After that, the Black Eyed Peas’ catchy tune “Pump It” started and quickly switched to another famous tune, “Let’s Get It Started.” The Peas generally tend to perform this tune in the beginning of their shows to open up their performance but this time, they performed it in the middle of the halftime show when it has ‘started’ already. However, there was nothing wrong with being in a strange order since the tune definitely helped the show speed up.

When “OMG” started, Usher was coming down to the stage from the above (that’s how he usually shows up onstage too). A camera did not get close to Usher for some reason.

The Peas got together again and performed “Where is the Love.” The song basically talks about unity based on love in the world and it was very touching when they did this song during their The E.N.D. tour last year. (Yes, Blast focused on them at that time.)?The environment of the halftime show was just not a good fit for this. All the people who watched the game were cheering for the biggest NFL game and weren’t necessarily fans of the Peas getting united based on love (or whatever you would have for your favorite musician.) So, there was no wonder people questioned but how they expressed on Twitter was very intense.

Of course they performed their latest single, “The Time (Dirty Bit)” gradually going back into “I Gotta Feeling.”

The show was way different from the last year’s show when The Who performed. But as the Black Eyed Peas were advertising and emphasizing that they would make the show ‘a party,’ the halftime show was quite a party so they fulfilled the promise that they made to people in advance. It was very sad to witness an intense Twitter controversy happening because of music and people’s various music taste but as music is very diversified in general, people’s opinions shouldn’t be the same as well. Fair enough?

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