Lil Wayne aka “Weezy” appeared on ESPN this morning, talking about this week’s Green Bay Packers support song “Green & Yellow.” In the interview, Wayne, wearing a Packers shirt, said that he is not a fan of his hometown New Orleans Saints.

He said, “I came up with [‘Green & Yellow’] after I heard the ‘Black & Yellow’ [version by Wiz Khalifa]. What happened was, I was watching some of them [Pittsburgh] Steelers on media day. One of ’em said, after they finished doin’ the interview, ‘black and yellow, black and yellow.’ So I said, ‘You know what? I’m such a cheese-head, such a Packer fan, I may as well go in and make ‘Green and Yellow.’”

He added, “I haven’t done a remix to anybody’s song [since I was released from prison], and I’m kind of popular for that. This is the perfect first song to do it to.”

Here is the Superbowl Edition: Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalfia, & Snoop Dogg: “Black VS. Green & Yellow” Mash up.

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