The A Thousand Suns World Tour features Linkin Park as they cross the globe in support of their most recent album, which goes by the same name as the tour. The band brings along an impressive live show and a setlist which features many of the new songs off of A Thousand Suns, in addition to many of their previous hits from their last three studio albums.

Despite the cold, snowy conditions outside on February 1, inside the TD Garden was packed with fans for the night’s show. Linkin Park, along with their support acts Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Pendulum allowed fans inside the arena to forget about the treacherous conditions, MBTA delays, and everything else that this week’s storm has brought along with it, even if it was just for a handful of hours.

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Lena Mirisola and Nick DiNatale are a writing and photographing duo

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  1. BC

    Great pics guys! And holy crap what good seats! lol. Great job. I new u guys would make it off big.

    – BAC


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