CBS rode its procedurals to another Tuesday win, but the net continues to see diminishing returns at 10 pm from “The Good Wife.” With last night’s 2.1 demo, the show is moving from safe to firmly in danger of cancellation come spring. “The Good Wife” remains one of network television’s most critically acclaimed dramas and was nominated for several Emmy’s last year. But how much good will does that buy with CBS?

ABC’s Tuesday lineup remains a complete wash. There is no doubt “V” will be cancelled at the conclusion of its current run. With another week below a 2.0 in the demo, “No Ordinary Family” seems destined to end this season as well.

“Parenthood” remains one of NBC’s highest rated dramas with a 2.1 demo.

8 pm

NCIS: 4.0 demo, 21 million viewers

The Biggest Loser Couples (8-10): 2.8 demo, 8 million viewers

No Ordinary Family: 1.8 demo, 5.7 million viewers

Glee (repeat): 1.4 demo, 4.4 million viewers

9 pm

NCIS: Los Angeles: 3.3 demo, 17.2 million viewers

V: 1.9 demo, 5.6 million viewers

Million Dollar Money Drop: 1.9 demo, 5.2 million viewers

10 pm

The Good Wife: 2.2 demo, 11.3 million viewers

Parenthood: 2.1 demo, 5.6 million viewers

20/20: 1.4 demo, 6.1 million viewers

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