The Golden Globes were the dominant force on television last night, averaging 17 million viewers and a 5.2 demo rating–down a little from last year, but not greatly.

The other networks aired new episodes, and most fared as normal. Fox and CBS were close to the average, but ABC had a down night. “Desperate Housewives” 3.1 demo was the lowest of its series.

Fox also experienced a huge hiccup with “Bob’s Burgers.” After a monster-debut last week (fueld by the NFL), the show went from a 4.5 to a 2.6, while most of the other shows held strong against the Globes. This doesn’t bode well.

8 pm

The Golden Globes (8-11 pm): 5.2 demo, 17 million viewers

60 Minutes: 4.1 demo, 17.2 million viewers

The Simpsons: 3.1 demo, 6.4 million viewers

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: 2.0 demo, 7.9 million viewers

8:30 pm

Bob’s Burgers: 2.6 demo, 5.1 Million Viewers

9 pm

Family Guy: 3.7 demo, 7 million viewers

Undercover Boss: 3.3 demo, 13.3 million viewers

Desperate Housewives: 3.1 demo, 10 million viewers

9:30 pm

The Cleveland Show: 2.7 demo, 5.5 million viewers

10 pm

CSI: Miami: 2.3 demo, 10.3 million viewers

Brothers and Sisters: 2.1 demo, 7.3 million viewers

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13 Responses

    • david

      A little harsh, don’t you think? The show has aired, what, two episodes? Why not give it a chance?

      Too many TV viewers (I assume you’re one of them) whine about there not being anything good to watch, while at the same time expecting every new show to be instantly perfect. Remember when viewers gave a show a chance to grow into itself?

  1. Holly

    I’m really disappointed to hear this. I have already fallen for Bob’s Burgers – it is absolutely hilarious!

  2. paul

    Thank god the ratings for bob’s burgers went down. The only good thing about the entire show is the closing credits because then you know its over. I can’t believe they pushed back a new episode of American Dad (a show that is actually GOOD) for this abortion. I hear the creator had 2 shows before this that never made it to a second season. Lets hope Bob’s goes the same way.

    • Benjamin Hughes

      The fact that you think American Dad is good makes any point you think you have completely moot.

  3. Ben

    The creator had a show that was on the air for 6 seasons (dr. katz), a show that was on for 4 seasons (home movies), and a show that was on the air for 1 season (lucy, daughter of the devil), but fox liked it so much they decided to pick him up for this show.
    50 bucks says you haven’t watched a whole episode of it

  4. Cornea503

    God, that bob’s burgers looks absolutely horrible. I can’t imagine anyone with 1/2 a brain tuning in to see that garbage.

  5. FletchGuy

    Yeah Bobs Burger is god awful and not a Fox type show . Its just not funny or interesting it really really drags and the characters just suck. Hopefully it will go quick maybe it will take Glee and NASCAR with it or at least American Idol.Bring back king of the Hill.

    • Benjamin Hughes

      You want them to bring back King Of The Hill? Well, that says it all about your horrible taste.

  6. Joe Sinicki

    Personally, I’m a fan of uncomfortable humor, an Bob’s Burgers provides that. Is it hilarious? No, but it’s a lot better than most of the comedies on TV.


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