“The Green Hornet” debuted at the top of the box office over the MLK Jr. Weekend, with an estimated $40 million in earnings. That’s towards the high range of expectations, but still iffy for a film with negative reviews and a production value estimated between $90-110 million. It will remain to be seen if the film can hold up in the weeks to come to earn back that lofty sum.

Perhaps “The Dilemma” was marred by the negative publicity, because all the Vince Vaughn comedy could muster was $21 million over four days. It’s a bomb.

“True Grit” held up and delivered another $13 million, good for nearly $130 so far. Not bad for a $40 million film.

“Black Swan” and “The King’s Speech” are taking in the money that comes with awards contender status–“Speech” took in $11 million and “Swan” took $10 million, good for lofty art house totals of $46 million and $75 million so far.

The 4-Day Weekend Top 10 (Estimates)

The Green Hornet $40,000,000 $40,000,000
The Dilemma $21,100,000 $21,100,000
True Grit (2010) $13,100,000 $128,311,895
The King’s Speech $11,181,919 $46,705,778
Black Swan $10,350,000 $75,218,358
Little Fockers $8,400,000 $135,486,025
Yogi Bear $7,400,000 $84,150,072
TRON: Legacy $6,829,000 $158,067,596
The Fighter $6,200,000 $66,844,664
Tangled $5,463,000 $182,491,039

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