AT&T emailed customers Monday night and posted a notice on its website about the upcoming release of 4G data service — no dates have been announced, however.

“The nation’s fastest mobile broadband network is getting faster with 4G,” the company said in a statement. “Stronger connections. Faster access to your favorite content. The AT&T mobile broadband experience is evolving. 4G is coming soon to several areas around the country and will provide innovative solutions to deliver a smoother, more consistent mobile broadband experience.”

The company says that HSPA+ is available now and faster LTE service, which Verizon already has, is “coming soon.”

AT&T also announced three launch phones, the HTC Inspire 4G, a beautiful looking Android phone; the Motorola ATRIX 4G, complete with a dual-core processor; the Samsung Infuse 4G and its massive 4.5-inch screen; and the AT&T USBConnect Shockwave meant to connect your laptop to the 4G network.

On the AT&T website, the company also touts its “talk and surf” multitasking capabilities, which Verizon lacks.

No details were released on any iPhone 4G model.

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  1. acgrafix

    They’d better do something big before Verizon starts selling iphones and I hope they’re smart enough not to charge extra for the 4G network access.

  2. Ed whitacre

    When I bought my IPhone 2 years ago, ATT told me 4G was around the corner. I guess I waited at the wrong corner.


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