Instead of flying all the way to Hollywood for the Golden Globes last night (just assuming the invitation was lost in the mail) we watched the celebrity red carpet arrivals in high-definition last night, taking notes on the best and worst dressed:

Trends We Love: Nude & Backless

Light Pinks, Peaches and Nudes were shining on the red carpet. My favorites included the girls from Glee: Dianna Agron, Heather Morris and Naya Rivera, Helen Mirren, Sarah Hyland and Sandra Bullock. Scarlett Johansen’s dress was to die for – but Sandra Bullock will win every time on the best dressed list every time, due to ScarJo’s what-was-she-thinking hair. Also in the peach-pink color was a newly blonde Emma Stone, who is in the running for best backless with Anne Hathaway.

Trends We Love to Hate: Ultra Red-Lips, Emerald, Careless Hair

Christina Aguilera, January Jones, Jayma Mays and Christina Hendricks all puckered-up with Ultra-Red Lips attempting to evoke old Hollywood Style. Attempting is the key word, as they all looked washed out and trying too hard to be sexy. It’s time for this trend to go away and come back again another day. The daring, deep emerald green color didn’t turn out to be show-stopping because it kept popping up all over the red carpet – on celebs including Mila Kunis, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Moss and Angelina Jolie. Johnny Depp, we get it. Get a haircut. ScarJo is ending up on all the worst-dressed lists due to her eclectic Cruella-De-Ville inspired hair style. This “I’m-so-cool-I-don’t-care-what-people-think-if-I-don’t-do-my-hair” trend has got to go.

What Were They Thinking??

Helena Bonham Carter wearing a Vivienne Westwood looked like a cross between how my second grade art teacher dressed and the Cyndi Lauper collection circa 1985. Julianne Moore was glowing last night but that pepto-bismol pink asymmetrical puff-sleeve Lanvin gown was something out of a Pretty-in-Pink Nightmare. Olivia Wilde- looked like a prom queen’s dream in that glittery chocolate cupcake explosion Marchesa – but the gold sparkly stilettos were far from complimenting. Would not have been an issue except that she made it a point to show them off repeatedly. Sophia Vergara’s Va-Va-Voom Red Vera Wang is popping up on best dressed lists everywhere. I think those people forgot to check out the back! Leighton Meester, Nicole Kidman, Carrie Underwood and Vanessa Williams all made my most boring list. Yawn.

Men’s Style

Jake Gyllenhaal’s easy, classic style wins him best in bow-tie for his Burberry tux. My absolute favorite menswear look was Robert Downey Jr. for his splash of color – going for a red-tie in a sea of black tuxedos. Although some unique and interesting fashion choices were made with unconventional jackets, Chris Hemsworth in Giorgio Armani and Chris Colfer both looked Hollywood handsome. Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron both went for a more mature look with new hair styles. On the worst-dressed side, Justin Beiber yet again proved he’s too young to be famous – sneakers and 3D glasses dressed down his D&G three-piece suit and no-bow-tie.


Michelle Williams flower-power dress was a disaster in all areas: style, fit, embellishment and color. Fashionista Heidi Klum is OUT and can leave the red carpet – the dress would be great for a tropical vacation and her make-up artist went way too heavy on the eye make-up. The ladies of Mad Men – Christina Hendricks and January Jones both were a disappointment in red. January mentioned that she requested the stylists on the show make her this dress in the red color – and they should have said no. Christina was a total disappointment. Christina Aguilera chose an ill-fitting, black lace over nude dress – that was as bad as her acting in Burlesque. Note to Xtina -stick to singing.

Notably Bad

We’re still contemplating if Halle Berry, Mandy Moore and Jennifer Love Hewitt checked the mirror before they left. Halle’s black and Mandy blue dresses have both have different personalities above the knee and below – they should have cut them off. I forgot why Jennifer Love Hewitt’s was invited or why her performance in a Made for TV Lifetime movie was nominated, but her dress needed to be tamed at the chest and was just an awful color for her. There’s always next year ladies!

Hot Red Carpet Styles

Mila Kunis wearing a dramatic Vera Wang one-shoulder gown was the envy in emerald. Eva Longoria was the essence of Hollywood glamour in a black, backless, bold and beautiful gown by Zac Posen. Kaley Cuoco pulled off the best of the nude dresses and looked young and fresh in a fitted bodice and tulip-tiered skirt nude dress. And I hate to say it, but a Lea Michele looked so pretty-in-pink with an avant-garde Oscar De La Renta pink princess dress that any Barbie would die to wear.

Honorable Mentions include: Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway in Armani and Jane Lynch for their elegant red carpet styles.

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  1. Meg

    I couldn’t agree less with your take on a lot of things… The emerald dresses were fantastic and completely on trend, along with the red lips- totally glam. Also as any fashion “journalist” should know, January Jones is the spokesperson for Versace so that is who made her dress, not the Mad Med costume designers.

    Additionally, Sandra’s dress was meg and her new haircut is middle school awful, she is nowhere near the best dressed of the evening. Same goes for Emma Stone, that peach washed her out and the blonde is not her color.

    I find it interesting that your take is a complete 180 from most of te respected fashion journalists who covered the Globes.

    • N/A

      You’re so right…this site will hire anyone who says they’re into “fashion,” give them a page to write on, and take their word as gold. Have you read some of the other reviews on here? If they’re going to get people to write for Blast they can at least find those who can manage to write in a grammatically-correct fashion…no pun intended.

  2. Matt

    Anne Hathway’s dress was the best of the night. January Jones would have been good in red, but not that type of dress.

    I totally agree some of these men need to get haircuts (and shave.)

  3. BugHunter

    There is no straight male on the planet who wouldn’t be defenseless with Anne Hathaway in that outfit. Emma Stone, whom I like blonde, looked very elegant in my eyes. Almost like she knew less is more. Lea Michelle I thought looked very nice also. And Sofia Vergara, wow, I would not have figured her to look so good in a gown like that.

    Thanks to Angelina Jolie for ditching the black and finding an upbeat color. Green makes her personality different somehow. More approchable if you will? I didn’t find her dress outstanding, but for once, I thought it appropriate.

    All things considered, I agree with the above that Anne was the showstopper. I see her as a modern day female Cary Grant. I bet she could show up at one of these things in a feed sack and still steal the show. If the old saying “It’s not the clothes that makes the man, it’s the man who makes the clothes” has any truth. Then it is Anne who makes the dress, cause she looks breathtaking in anything. There were not many women in attendance who could have worn that dress, and got away with it. But, she coulda worn ANYONE elses.

  4. KnowNothing

    I think we should all get over this and instead of thinking about who wore what and who looked like crap we should think about ANYTHING other than ourselves or rich people … guess what the only difference between them and us is that they get money for doing things that ordinary people may do everyday with no regard for themselves. This may not “change” any lives, but come on, nether does wearing clothing, lets all get over ourselves and start caring for other people. Lets see here, if we all took all the time and money people put into DUMB things like this and put it into kids in Africa or the homeless in the towns and city’s your in right now, we would be in such a better place.

  5. BlaBlaBla

    Sorry, but, Helen Mirren was so stylish, she has the most amazing body and style ever, so I have to say I disagree. She beet Megan fox by so many votes for hottest woman alive, so she shouldn’t be listed under worst.
    She is a peice of art (one of a kind)
    All of her movies and herself get only good coments, she is so perfect!


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