First award of the night—goes to Christian Bale!

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Christian Bale for “The Fighter.”

Christian Bale is the front runner for the Oscar this year, for his work in “The Fighter.” His win at the Golden Globes only cements it.

Katie Segal wins Best Actress in a Television Drama for “Sons of Anarchy.”

Segal wins for “Sons of Anarchy.” She has not been nominated for an Emmy for her work on the show, something that many were upset over last year. Will her win at the Golden Globes finally earn her Emmy nomination?

Gotta think the Pacific wins this…

Best Miniseries for Television goes to “Carlos.”

Can’t believe that “The Pacific” didn’t win this. Keep in mind “The Pacific” was a spin-off of sorts from “Band of Brothers.” It was also one of the most expensive and ambitious projects ever put on television, with more than a $200 million price tag for the 10-episode series.

I havent’ heard of “Carlos.” I’ll be watching it now I guess…

Ricky Gervias has reached that level of fame where people just laugh at him because he’s famous…and that’s kind of a poor crack at Bruce Willis…

“Red” was an underrated movie. Glad to see some Golden Globe love.

Probably Chris Colfer.

Chris Colfer wins Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

Colfer is one of the best things on “Glee.” Don’t be surprised for another nomination at the Emmys, or a win, so this isn’t a surprise.

I’m not digging Gervais so far…we’ve got a drinking game going, drink every time he laughs at one of his own jokes, and I’m going to be drunk by 9.

Nor am I digging Eva Longoria. Maybe it’s the hair or the makeup, but I’m not moved.

What was that? some kind of award?

It’s got to be Jon Hamm for “The Suitcase” on “Mad Men.” But it might be “Breaking Bad” or “Boardwalk Empire.”

Steve Buscemi wins Best Actor in a Television Drama for “Boardwalk Empire.”

Not a surprise. Buscemi is a veteran actor and “Boardwalk Empire” is receiving a lot of acclaim for the end of its first season. The HFPA is definitely in the business for rewarding a career’s work.

Still, I’m holding out that win the Emmys (TV’s Oscars) come later this year, there is no other than Hamm for “Mad Men,” though this might be a horserace with Buscemi.

There doing a medley of the television series nominated for Drama…”Boardwalk” was too uneven, “Dexter” was off pace, “Mad Men” had its overall weakest season to date, and I haven’t seen all of “Walking Dead,” who does it go to, “Mad Men?”

“Boardwalk Empire” wins Best Television Drama.

I wasn’t moved by the entire season–it didn’t get good until the end of the season. But all of the shows were weaker this year, so like the actor race, I think this was a horserace between “Boardwalk” and “Mad Men.” And as I’ve said, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves being trendy, and rewarding things first.

I guess they’re getting a lot of the television categories out of the way early, obviously. Supposedly most people tune in towards the end to catch the movie categories.

I guess “Carlos” was a film about Carlos the Jackal, and it only aired on the Sundance Channel.

They just showed a trailer of “The Social Network.” This is my best film of the year; hoping it wins Best Picture, but “King’s Speech” may take it.

Gervias is insulting everyone, but his references to Heather Mills (Paul McCartney’s ex) is both obscure and not funny.

“Burlesque” or “Country Strong?” Which terrible film will win a Golden Globe?

“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” from “Burlesque” wins Best Original Song.

Like I said, it was a toss up for which anticipated Oscar vehicle-turned bust won Best Original Song.

I hate to sound unappreciative of the whole aspects of a film, but these minor categories are boring. Which is weird, because I love to look up these random categories and see who won. Maybe I just don’t like to see people I don’t recognize.

Danny Elfman will probably win this. He wins tons of score awards, though Reznor may win for “The Social Network.”

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win Best Original Score for “The Social Network.”

This isn’t a surprise at all. My household watched “The Social Network” this week, and we were all commenting how good the score was, and it’s one of the front-runner for a lot of major categories this year. That said, true qualification to judge who should win Best Score is really out of my reach.

Has to be “Toy Story 3.” No questions.

“Toy Story 3” wins Best Animated Feature.

No surprise that “Toy Story 3” won it. Even with five films at the Oscars, this would have been a nominee.

By the way, I dropped my computer during the commercial break, and now my screen colors are completely red.

Finally a funny joke by Gervais. By the way, despite the criticism, I love him as a comedian.

Great rebuttal and completely accurate by Downey Jr.

Perhaps Robert Downey Jr. should have hosted. His introduction of “Best Actress Comedy” is great.

And by the way, I’m picking Anne Hatheway.

Annette Benning wins Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical.

I’m not surprised at all; Benning, along with Natalie Portman, is the Oscar frontrunner for Best Actress. I just thought that the HFPA would be a little more far out in their selection.

I liked her joke at the end of that speech, about her husband Warren Beatty, who won Most Promising Actor at the Golden Globes in 1962. But otherwise I didn’t really care for her speech, it didn’t feel genuine.

Benning was a shoo-in at the Oscars twice before, but lost both times to Hillary Swank.

9:10 pm: I don’t mean to be down on Ricky Gervais so much, but his comments are just mean, there’s not really much humor.

9:11 pm: My roommate just said how much he wants to see “The Fighter.” I do too, kinda, but Bill Simmons wrote a column about boxing movies which kind of killed them for me.

9:12 pm I really don’t know who wins this one…Dennis Quad? Al Pacino?

9: 13 pm

Al Pacino wins Best Actor in a Miniseries for “You Don’t Know Jack.”

9:14 Everyone is standing and cheering; Pacino clearly has that career honor and respect thing going on. I’m not much of a minseries guy, even though I respect them, so I didn’t know much on this one. But Pacino has received tons of acclaim for this miniseries.

9:15 Claire Danes won the Emmy for “Temple Grandin” so going with her.

9:16 pm: Claire Danes wins Best Actress for a miniseries for “Temple Grandin”

9:17 My roommates (who should have their own liveblog) and I agree that Danes doesn’t seem sincere. Sorry, but we said this at the Emmys too. She seems a little fake. Just an opinion folks.

That said, she clearly did a great job in “Temple Grandin.”

9:23 Zac Efron!! I love the people they get to host at these things. What’s he famous for again? Anything reputable? I guess the Orson Welles movie was good.

9: 24 I don’t mean to go against type, but I wasn’t thrilled by “The Kids Are All Right.” I generally eat up critic fests, but this one was just OK to me. Not that it was bad. It was even good. But not best of the year.

9: 25 Gervais mocking Steve Carrell for leaving “The Office,” saying he’s killing a “cash cow.” Great. I’m warming up to him.

Best Screenplay–has to be Aaron Sorkin for “Social Network.”

9:26 pm “The Social Network” wins Best Screenplay, written by Aaron Sorkin.

9:28 Not a surprise. Aaron Sorkin has been winning all the prizes, and is a lock to take home the Oscar. He’s also one of my favorite writers, as he wrote every episode for the first four seasons of “The West Wing,” winning tons of Emmys in the way.

By the way, have I mentioned I liked the “Social Network.”

9:29 Jane Lynch has to win this without question.

9:30 Jane Lynch wins Best Supporting Actress in a television series for “Glee.”

9:32 I would have liked Sofia Vergara to win the award, who I think is more deserving this year. But Lynch deserved it last year, and a lot of people balked when she didn’t it last year. So this was her makeup.

9:34 I haven’t seen “King’s Speech” win yet; these early losses may not mean much, but I think they fortell the bigger picture race. A lot of people believe “King’s Speech” wins Best Drama, but I still think it goes to “Social Network,” which will seal the win at the Oscars.

By the way, I’m calling “The Kids Are All Right” to win Best Picture Comedy or Musica.

9:36 Sandra Bullock looks horrible. Oliva Wilde is definitely in the running for hottest actress today. And while the mean-hosting (I sound like I’m 5) continues by Gervais—I don’t care about the foregin language film, certainly not enough to make a prediction.

9:38 In A Better World from Denmark wins Best Foreign Language Film.

I have no comments. Really, nothing to say.

9:39 Helen Mirren. She keeps talking about conception and giving birth, and I really feel like my grandmother is talking about these things.Eck.

Here’s the thing about the “King’s Speech.” I think it either wins Best Picture and Best Actor, or “The Social Network” wins both.

9: 41 I’m predicting either Laura Linney (my choice) or Edie Falco.

Laura Linney wins Best Actress in a Television Comedy for “The Big C.”

9: 43 Definitely my choice, though I really liked “Nurse Jackie.” This show about a woman living with terminal cancer really hit home with me, and I really think it was a great show. My roommates are not fans, but I reccomend checking this one out.

9:45 As it’s just been pointed out to me, I would have thought there would be a lot more movie trailers during the commercials, but really, nada.

Also, check out “The Cape.” It’s kinda hokey, but a pretty good drama and definitely great for comic book lovers.

9:46 Holy crap Jane Fonda looks like she’s going to tip over. A little thin huh?

9:47 I guess “Burlesque” is nominated for Best Picture Musical or Comedy. Shows how the Globes are a little bit of a joke, that its nominated for anything.

9:47 I really like Haley Cuocco, and her career has taken off with “The Big Bang Theory.”

I’m picking her co-star Jim Parsons.

9:48 Jim Parsons wins Best Actor in a Television Comedy for “The Big Bang Theory.”

Great choice. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and this show has blossomed into a hit. Even though Parsons’ character is somewhat the supporting role, he steals the show every week.  Great choice. By the way, this show just was renewed for an unprecedented 3 seasons.

9:50 Either Amy Adams of Helena Bonham Carter–whoever wins will win the Oscar.

9: 51 Melissa Leo wins Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for “The Fighter.”

9:52 I’m shocked. While I counted her as a clear top 5 for the year, I didn’t think Leo would pull out the win. She was a Best Actress nominee two years ago for “Frozen River;” is she now in a 3-way race at the Oscars?

9:58 Robert Deniro is awarded the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Awards, Presented by Matt Damon.

Matt Damon gives an introduction to Robert Deniro, recapping some of his great films; followed by a montage. Cool. What movies are they going to show after 1999?

10:04 So after the montage, a lot of my cinicism has faded. I’m sitting here thinking about how many good movies this man was in, despite the (very few) stinkers shown. Very intrigued, and a little bit in a mood for some classic DeNiro films.

10:10 By the way, check out fellow Blast’s Golden Globe Predictions to see how we did.

10:14 Didn’t see “The Tourist,” nominated for Best Picture, but I didn’t feel I needed to. Really?

10:15 Has to go to David Fincher for “The Social Network.”

10: 15 David Fincher wins Best Director for “The Social Network.”

10:15 David Fincher deserved this win. This has to be leading to a “Social Network” win right…?

10:17 Great acceptance speech by Fincher.

10:18 “Modern Family” has to win.

10:18 “Glee” wins Best Television Series Comedy.

10:19 Wow. I know “Glee” has some strong fans, but most of the critical consensus has been that “Modern Family” has been much stronger since the new season started. I’m surprised, but now “Glee” has taken home three awards tonight, for Best Series, and Best Supporting Actor/Actress.

10:24 “Black Swan” was great. Best Actress I’m thinking.

Paul Giamatti wins Best Actor in a Comedy for Barneys Version.

10:27 Didn’t see that coming; but not really deterred, none of these are serious contenders for Best Actor at the Oscars–those come out of the Drama field.

10:28 Halle Berry is looking good.

10:33 I’m a big fan of “Inception.” But I don’t know if it’s true Best Picture material, of back nominee.

10:34 Natalie Portman right? Or Michelle Williams!

10:34 Natalie Portman wins Best Actress in a Film Drama for “The Black Swan.”

10:34 It’s really going to be Portman vs Benning for the Oscar isn’t it.

10:37 Haven’t seen Gervais in a really long time. Didn’t really miss him though.

10:38 Even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are commenting on the too-far approach Gervais has approached. It’s another well-written introduction to the nominees–good writing tonight for the show.

“The Kids Are All Right” has to get this.

10:40 “The Kids Are All Right” wins Best Picture, Comedy or Musical.

10: 42 No surprise here. If this film wasn’t overshadowed by the two drama contenders, it would be a serious contender for Best Picture in the Oscars.

10:44 What’s left? Actor Drama, Picture Drama?

10:45 No football comments. It’s too painful.

10:46 Ricky Gervais has to be drunk. I’m guessing rehab is coming soon right?

10″46 Sandra Bullock does not look good, she seems solemn, and doesn’t seem to want to be their.

10:46 Let’s see Colin Firth?

10:47 Colin Firth wins Best Actor Drama for “The King’s Speech.”

Colin Firth keeps winning the awards, making his case to the Oscars. Where does this leave the Best Picture race?

10:54 Michael Douglas receives a standing ovation after recently battling cancer. He even jokes about it.

10:55 I’m still going with “The Social Network.” It won Best Director and Screenplay. Picture?

10:55 “The Social Network” wins Best Picture Drama.

11:00 That’s a wrap folks. “Glee” was the clear winner for television, taking home three top awards. “The Social Network” took Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay–three awards its favored to win at the Oscars, especially after tonight.

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  1. Julio Barbosa

    I’m glad you picked the wrong actress. I was split between Annette Benning and Julianne Moore. I love Julianne, but Annette is the one who keeps it strong.

  2. Kent Kersey

    Christian Bale does not deserve to win. He mumbled his way through all his films. Very overrated.

  3. Athena

    I’m glad Annette Bening won. She was brilliant and terrific in The Kids Are All Right. I do agree though that her award acceptance speeches don’t sound genuine. Now, let’s hope she wins the Oscar. I think it’s long overdue.

  4. Jen

    OMG I was searching for the results that I have missed and stumbled across this blog. Are you in my head!? You are saying all the things I am thinking. I love the asides!

  5. Savannah Rose

    i really love watching glee. really, i do. but it is for sure over-celebrated. and lea michele is a GREAT rachel berry, but she does not come off as sincere to me! i do love claire danes, and her dress is fabulous! I love the color. much more than any of those emerald green gown. that is not a trend i am loving this year.

  6. MChristineB

    I love Christian Bale (and Mark Wahlberg) though I haven’t seen ‘The Fighter’ yet.

    Olivia Wilde’s gown is to die for – it’s my favorite thing of the night and nothing can top it!

    Please let Johnny Depp lose this.

    • Savannah Rose

      I love Olivia Wilde’s dress, but did you see the shoes? they didn’t match and looked like something from the Jessica Simpson collection!

      • MChristineB

        UGH – just looked them up since you said it – I have no words to describe how ugly those are but you summed it up well!!

        That’s sad – hard to ruin that amazing look but yeah.

      • Savannah Rose

        NP is beautiful! absolutely. but the dress – blah! it’s a little early for that valentine’s day surprise. could have done without the red sparkly decal.

  7. Caroline

    Omg. I meant Robert DeNiros speech was uncomfortable to watch. Sandra Bullock needs to wisp up those bangs a bit. How many ways can Angelina Jolie look around to see if a camera is on her. Just stop doing that!!

    • MChristineB

      Did you catch her reapplying her lip gloss, earlier, when she thought the camera wasn’t on her? She comes off, to me, like one of the most vain people on Earth.

      Sandra looked and acted rather odd.

      I loooove Colin Firth!

    • MChristineB

      Very!! She also looked marvelous! Some debate above^ over the sparkly decal that I could go either way about 😉

      Way to go Michael Douglas, too – looking like a million bucks and what a great sense of humor!

      • Savannah Rose

        she seems to be ending up on some people’s best dressed list! i am anti-decal and not in love with the dress, but her hair, makeup and matronly glow were all FABULOUS!

  8. Caroline

    Shut the F up Ricky. I swear if he’s EVER on anything I plan on watching, I will DVR it so I can speed right through his obnoxious voice and stupid bad jokes.


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