Usher was forced to cancel his concert at 02 Arena in Berlin at the last minute due to illness Wednesday. Even though he rescheduled the show for the next night, the singer lip-synched his first two songs and danced not-so-good. The audience started complaining. He lowered his head standing on the stage for a few minutes and gave up continuing the show.

According to a statement released by the singer’s rep Friday, Usher is “suffering from upper respiratory illness which is currently preventing him from performing a proper show. After consultation with doctors, he has been advised to reschedule the upcoming dates in order to get the rest he needs to ensure a complete recovery.”

Usher usually does NOT lip-sync when dancing. When Blast went to see his performance in Boston (he was on the road with Trey Songz), he did an amazing job onstage. That is what we saw:

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  1. What`sWrongWithThisDude

    First, the first picture with the head line is not Usher, it`s Trey Songz, duh. Second, wth is wrong with Usher? I mean he “got injured” in December & postponed/canceled the show in Norfolk then he actually got kicked in the face now this…. um….. I really don`t want to see this dude in concert now. Usher, get your shit together before you lose your fans forreal, like me. He will never get anywhere doing stuff like this. Sorry for the people who went to the show, question: can they actually sue the touring company or his management team for not an entire show? Just Wondering, cause if so, he can lose alot of money & possible his record lable.


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