I obviously didn’t make it to Boston for New Years as planned. The Northeast was hit with an epic snow storm during the holidays and I with an epic shit storm of daily life.

2011 hasn’t exactly started off with stellar resolutions and fine experiences that will result in a chipper outlook of great things to come this year but the realization that my dear friend won’t be here to celebrate his 33rd birthday or the opening of what should have been his restaurant later this month because some old hag in your wonderful state had to take him away. Add to the mix a horrible haircut that with its matching dark color now match how I feel internally about anything positive at the moment. Then there is the finding out the massive consumption of cheeseburgers since October has lead to a not so pleasant weight gain discovered last week which has lead to the suckage of whatever self-esteem I had left after dealing with what I just might consider my worst year in my adult life. Not to forget the long string of other unmentionable BS and one rather fucked breakup.

So I apologize for my lackluster automotive reporting.  

I’m here but not really.

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