Jenny Craig, Inc. today announced that actress Carrie Fisher is its latest celebrity client and spokesperson.

Fisher is best known as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, and now her New Year’s resolution is to lose 30 pounds.

Fisher has struggled with her weight for the past three years and tried numerous diets to lose weight, but gained it all back so she decided to join Jenny Craig to change her lifestyle. She commented, “A day comes when you can no longer face not wanting to leave the house because you don’t like the way you look. A day comes when you want to stop apologizing for it. When you want to make a decision to live the rest of your life in a healthy way. I haven’t been able to enjoy what otherwise is a good part of my life because so much of what’s on my mind is about my weight.”

Fisher will appear in Jenny Craig’s new advertising campaign that launches in February. She is also going to utilize Jenny Craig’s new Metabolic Max program.

She said regarding the program, “Jenny Craig’s Metabolic Max program has changed the way I view losing weight. With the Armband, I can monitor how many calories I’m eating, and measure how many calories I’m burning, so there are no excuses. It is like having my consultant on my arm at all times! It is tailored to my personal needs so that I am able to maximize my healthy weight loss efforts. I started the program a few days after Thanksgiving and I’ve already lost 12 pounds in six weeks!”

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  1. elicjah

    I have tried to lose weight dozens of times. “Hypersonic Weight Loss” really works, I even went on a cruise and came back 2 pounds lighter.


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