The first thing I saw when I woke up today was a window plastered white. I left the house at 7 a.m. and stepped out into the second major snowstorm of this Boston winter.

It’s exactly 2.44 miles from my apartment in Allston to Johnnie’s Fresh Market in Brookline. I have to go to my paying job, and I’m slightly worried about my journey.

Residents of Allston are apparently waking up late this morning because barely anything is plowed.

By the time I am out the door, the streets are only cleared by the force of cars driving over the snow, and the sidewalks are indistinguishable. It seems that everyone else awake has the same idea as me: we must walk on the streets.

The Green Line does not seem like much of an option as each person realizes that not even the tracks are fully plowed and shoveled out. From a nearby train I can hear the conductor announcing to passengers that they must crowd to the front door in order to enter and exit the train car.

Gradually as I make my way towards Brookline the streets are clearer with each step. The sidewalks are plowed and the Boston University Campus Services are rushing to plow the areas surrounding St. Mary’s Street.

A Boston University employee that I recognize pulls over in his snowplow and acknowledges my insanity for commuting during the storm, but I feel a wave of relief when I see that Dunkin’ Donuts is open for business.

The businesses on Beacon Street that are opening at regular hours are salting and shoveling their storefronts for the safety of customers. Finally, I make it to work.

Needless to say, once I returned to my apartment this evening, I wasn’t planning to leave.

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Laura McGovern is a Blast staff writer and blogger

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  1. Jayne Polvere

    you crazy girl, I stayed home, sat on the couch, took a nap, read a book, well o’k, I didn’t actually read it I pretended to read it. I hope you got a prize for showing up. Hey did any customers show up?
    Auntie jayne


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