Finally, the boringness of the holidays and endless re-runs is starting to end. Last night, two networks even premiered new shows.

Fox benefitted greatly for an overrun of its NFL game, leading to huge ratings for “The Simpsons” and leadout “Bob’s Burgers,” in its first episode. I doubt it can sustain a 4.5 rating, but if it doesn’t drop too much, it will be back next year, spelling trouble for “American Dad.”

“The Cape” can only be considered a success for NBC. It averaged a 2.6 rating over 2 hours, which would be one of the highest rated shows on NBC any week. That it sustained the audience the full two hours is a good sign, but NBC will be watching the show in the coming weeks to see if it slips, much like “The Event.”

ABC maintained its weakening Sunday position, though “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters” remained steady.

8 pm

The Simpsons: 5.7 demo, 12.6 million viewers

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: 2.6 demo, 9.1 million viewers

CSI: Miami: 2.5 rating, 11.9 million viewers

Dateline NBC: 1.5 rating, 7.2 million viewers

8:30 pm

Bob’s Burgers: 4.5 demo, 9.4 million viewers

9 pm

Family Guy: 4.7 demo, 9.3 million viewers

Desperate Housewives: 3.8 demo, 12.7 million viewers

Undercover Boss: 3.0 demo, 11.6 million viewers

The Cape: 2.6 demo, 8.5 million viewers

9:30 pm

Cleveland Show: 3.5 demo, 7.4 million viewers

10 pm

The Cape: 2.6 demo, 8.3 million viewers

Brothers and Sisters: 2.3 demo, 8.4 million viewers

Criminal Minds (Rerun): 1.8 demo, 7 million viewers

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  1. Chris

    I really liked the cape. I’m wtching the repeat episode on monday. I saw bob’s burgers and thought the show really suck. The humor seemed very dull and trying to hard to be like family guy. I hope bob’s burgers goes off the air soon.


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