Rumors have been circulating this week that Verizon will finally announce that they will carry the Apple iPhone at a press conference this Tuesday in New York.

According to a number of sources, including Fortune, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the cell-phone giant has been  discreetly handing out red envelopes containing invites to a press conference this Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST at Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center. The invitation doesn’t offer much more info, save for the fact that Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdam will host the event.

So how does that translate into “Verizon’s getting the iPhone?” Rumors have been circulating since last year that America’s largest network would be getting the incredibly popular phone on the heels of a Wallstreet Journal article saying that Apple had issued a late 2010 production start for iPhones capable of running on Verizon’s CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network.

The phone is expected to go on sale next month for Verizon customers, stick with for more in the coming week.

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  1. amy

    I think the writer meant “discreetly” not “discretely.” Kind of embarrassing, no?

    • Biron

      Haha, no its spelled “Discretely”. Kind of embarrassing calling out the writer and then being wrong your self, no?

      • Alan

        No… Amy is correct – it is spelled “discreetly”.

        Google is your friend…

      • Alberags

        “Discretely” with ‘t’ separating the 2 ‘e’s means “separately,” while “discreetly” with ‘t’ following the two ‘e’s means “in a tactful, judicious, or non-ostentatious manner.”

      • ben

        the article is about Verizon announcing on of its biggest announcements ever and you guys are arguing about how a word is spelled.

  2. Jerry Jerksauce

    It’s been changed. Our long national tragedy has come to an end.

  3. Molly

    There is no information in regards to the iPhone coming to Verizon. This rumor has been circulating since last year.


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