The studio weekend estimates are in, and “True Grit” has taken the top spot for the first time in its three week run. It’s now picking up both critical and commercial esteem, as it makes a late charge for an Oscar push. The $40 million film is a huge hit for the Coen Brothers, who are turning into a big commercial draw.

“Little Fockers” fell to second in its third weekend, but has racked up $124 million over that time, and more than $200 worldwide. That’s still a far cry from its predecessor “Meet the Fockers,” which went on to gross $280 million in America, and more than $500 million abroad.

“Season of the Witch” is another in a long line of Nicholas Cage bombs; the $40 million pic took in less than $11 million.

“TRON: Legacy” has held up well this season, and is turning into a decent hit; it has nearly matched its $170 million pricetag.

“Black Swan” kept a strong showing, and has now grossed more than $60 million; Natalie Portman is getting a lot of attention leading into Oscar season.

The Top 10 Films (Estimates)

True Grit (2010) $15,000,000 $110,430,022
Little Fockers $13,800,000 $124,000,515
Season of the Witch $10,726,000 $10,726,000
TRON: Legacy $9,803,000 $147,925,418
Black Swan $8,350,000 $61,455,493
Country Strong $7,300,000 $7,437,289
The Fighter $7,000,000 $57,844,442
The King’s Speech $6,811,400 $33,293,658
Yogi Bear $6,810,000 $75,605,521
Tangled $5,200,000 $175,868,398

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