Gwyneth Paltrow revealed earlier this week that she will return to “Glee” later this season, reprising her well-received role as Holly Holiday.

Paltrow told the media that she will return for two episodes to air in March and April; she will begin filming later this month. After showing some chemistry with Will Schuester, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy said Holliday will be a love interest for the character played by Matthew Morrison.

Murphy also confirmed the series will have an episode centered around Lady Gaga’s forthcoming single, “Born this Way.” Murphy said the episode will give resolution to Karofsky’s story arc. “This show is very optimistic and I think a character like Karofsky could turn to booze or pills or kill themselves or do something dark. But I love Max (Adler, who portrays Karofsky) and I love that character and sort of want him to have a happy ending.”

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