Nintendo is gearing up for a 3DS showcase in Tokyo this week where it’s expected to reveal further details on the upcoming release of the handheld, but a respected Japanese gaming outlet seems to be beating the company to the punch. Inside Games has learned that the system will go on sale in Japan on Feburary 26, which would likely lead to a late March release in the states.

Inside Gaming also reports that games for the 3DS will be a bit pricier than the lot we have now. The report places games for the 3DS at roughly 58,000 Yen, as opposed to the $48,000 Yen for normal DS games. That translates to about $70 for 3DS games and $50 for regular DS games. Of course, the most expensive DS games go for around $35, but we may see a near $20 jump anyways.

Stick with Blast for more on the Nintendo summit that kicks off in a few hours for all the new info.

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