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Here’s a big one. I mean, it’s a REALLY big one. So, if you don’t want to know anything about Scream 4, stop now, or at least, after the trailer below.

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Uh oh. It’s starting to sound more like Gale is getting killed off in Scream 4. What a bummer. Now Director Wes Craven is dropping hints that she’s a goner too.

We talked about this one in our breakdown of the teaser trailer. If you head over to :58 seconds into the trailer, it really looks like Gale get’s the knife, ending her tenure in the series.

But here’s where it get’s interesting:

“Those are both very professional people. I’m glad to hear that David is going into rehab. I saw him a little bit more because he was present during more of the shoot than Courteney. He was in a lot of pain, so it’s good that he’s getting some help.”

He’s speaking about Arquette’s recent split from wife of 11 years Courteney Cox. And what does he say? Well he says David was there a lot more. As in, he didn’t die as soon as she did.

Or is he? Surely Craven would be the master of the release of spoilery details…I can’t figure if this is a red herring, or an early shot foretelling the death.

What do you think? The big three (of the Scream franchise) can’t keep surviving right? Someone’s gotta die eventually.

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  1. Craig

    How silly is this article?
    David was there longer because Courtney had to shoot a lot of her stuff early on as she had to get back to fiming season 2 of Cougar Town, it means nothing.

    • Jonathan

      I honestly love the Scream series… Normally i can pick a few things out ahead of time but this time it seems like everything went out the window! By that i mean you can’t tell one thing from a rumor!

      Ex.- the series is so old and so spaced out between the 3rd and 4th movies…. What could the killers motive be? I mean the most outlandish being one of the original killers maybe Billy had a kid, which would make them 15-16 which is the character age range for this movie.

      Then Charlyne Yi (google her) said on Conan that she auditioned for Ghostface…. Obviously meaning there was a female killer…. The movie went into reshoots shortly after…. Whether to change the role idk.

      Also, theyve talked about a Scream 5-6… Be kinda hard to picture it without the big 3… Also im pretty sure Dewey cant die unless he kills himself, the poor man should be in a wheelchair as much as theyve put him thru in the series.

  2. John

    I agree with Craig–Courteney Cox had an abbreviated shooting schedule due to her “Cougar Town” obligations. However, I would not be surprised if Gale Weathers fell victime to Ghost Face. After all, how realistic is it that our core trio would survive all four films? (Three was pushing it!)

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  3. Screamer

    I am totally with u guys. but honestly i think if gale’s going down dewey’s going with her. if u see in trailer 2 dewey enters the barn and holds out his gun towards the top of barn. now i think he comes after gale after she is stabbed. Then the killer stabs dewey from behind killing them both into a bloody mess of togetherness.

  4. Obi-Tom

    The trailer is a very clever bit of marketing – this article is the proof, it’s got us talking about it!

    Showing a main character getting ‘killed’ in the trailer is only there to make people think that she gets killed and therefore talk about it on pages like this. The trick is that everybody then thinks that Gail gets killed only to be really surprised when someone equally important gets wiped out.

    Of course, it could be a double-herring in that what the article is saying is actually true and the trailer is calling a bluff, so to speak.

    At the end of the day, new rules or not, this is a Hollywood film and they would never show Gail being killed in the trailer if she actually died.
    The flip angle on this though is that they could be using a ‘Star Trek 2’ method in that Gail DOES get killed, but NOT in the barn and later in the movie.

    At the end of the day the only way to completely reinvent the Horror genre is to kill everyone off who survived the first three films…but would that make a Summer blockbuster?


  5. Christo :)

    Okay, i think that the trailer is trying to make u think that gale will die. I don’t think so, but i do believe she will be wounded because think about it. In Scream 2 when dewey got stabbed,he didn’t die, but everyone thought he did. So yeah i think what will happen to her is what happened to dewey in Scream 2.

  6. Mark jones

    I think gale is the other killer? Why. Because if you look in the trailer it’s defiantly a womans hands setting up the video camera in the barn with the ghostface mask on and secondly there is a quick clip of gale in the ghostface outfit taking off the mask!!! That’s why I think they are showing it to make you think that she gets killed!

      • Joe

        That was Jill that you saw Mark Jones. Sidney’s cousin. I believe that she’s one of the killers. (The guy who made the masks accidentally spoiled that there’s 2 killers.)

  7. Ryan Schunk

    I really don’t care if Gail gets killed off or not. I just hope Scream 4 is really good.


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