NEW YORK — Usher, who is currently on the road of his OMG Tour, did a show at Madison Square Garden in NYC Monday night. When the singer brought a female fan up on stage during the gig while performing “Trading Places,” the fan who sat on a couch with him accidentally kicked his nose.

He later told Us Weekly, “In all my years, this is one of the most interesting experiences. I got a kick out of it! It looked worse than it actually was. My audience and I got a good laugh.”

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Eiko Watanabe is a Blast staff writer in New York

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    OMG! How I wish I was that person..not kicking him but giving him a great big kiss I love him so much I went to go see him in Daytona Fl back in September he did not give us the opportunity to get on stage he performed for about and hour and 30 minutes it felt like he was there for only 1 second. Oh how i wish i could get tickets to see him in Miami…signing off Hot Tottie


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