After all my talk about the Thrift Store Christmas Challenge, I thought it only fair to share the best finds. Here are the cute, interesting and enviable gifts that victoriously emerged from The Challenge. Feel free to take notes, and yes, it is ok to be jealous.

Owl Book End:

Owl Bookend

This wise old owl will not only cause people to ask “Where did you get that?” in envious tones, but will also functionally hold any massive book collection in place. Plus, if you didn’t get the memo, bird-accented things are in. And we all know that owls rule the roost, as birds go. Also, in the sea of many Target décor items, this is a one-of-a-kind item. I love Target, but I really love an original piece now and again.

Old, interesting, and decorative books:
As I’ve mentioned before, old books are great gifts because they can serve several purposes beyond the oh-so-traditional use for books, reading (yawn). I got a 1930’s English textbook. When I’m not leafing through the pages to find hidden love notes or rhetorical theories from 80 years ago, I can put the book on a desk or by a lamp, and BAM! Instant bookish ambience. In my opinion, that is one of the best ambiances you can achieve. Well, a French bistro feel is nice, too. But, I’m nearly positive you’ll also like bookish if you try it.

Vintage Books

Retro hand mirror:
Much like birds, classic lines and colors of the early 60s are in and probably always will be (hello, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley. Need I go on?). And I hate to sound like a senior citizen, but they just don’t make things like this anymore. So to go along with those stylish mod bangs, why not a mod hand mirror for your retro-inspired sister-in-law? Yes, that was a very good idea.


Wooden Hewn Candle Sconce:
The perfect thing to hang those holiday scented candles, and candles year round for that matter. Hand-crafted and fashionable, this was a great thrift store find by any standard. Although I am not a candle person, I can appreciate a great wall hanging when I see it. It also has that tingly one-of-a-kind feel. A feeling only the true Thrift Store Champion can understand.

Framed Music Man Soundtrack Record:
And here’s a perfect example of finding a great present for a music lover in your family. My brother-in-law received a framed Music Man soundtrack because he loves musicals, especially Music Man. Not only is it a meaningful gift, but also is visually interesting. And in this day and age, it is universally considered cool to have a record in your house, since, you know, those are, like, totally outdated.

As you can see, Thrift Store Christmas is possible. So even if you have to be especially budget-conscience this holiday season, you can still hunt, shop and buy gifts your friends and family can proudly display in their homes. Now that is a great Christmas success story if I ever heard one.

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