A driver, headed the wrong way down I-25 in New Mexico at more than 100 mph crashed head-on into am ambulance early Tuesday, killing one person and injuring several others, according to FireFighterCloseCalls.com.

The crash occurred around 2:30 a.m. Two people were ejected from the car, one fatally. The other was critically injured as was emergency medical technician Vanessa Carrillo, 19, who was alone in the Rocky Mountain EMS ambulance after dropping her partner off and transporting a patient to Albuquerque. Carrillo suffered two broken legs, a broken arms, and facial fractures.

Police were unsure yesterday which person was driving the car, because of the extent of the damage.

Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies had been looking for the car before the accident after receiving calls about a car going the wrong way.

“It’s 2 in the morning, you have a vehicle heading the wrong way on the interstate,” police said, according to FireFighterCloseCalls. “Those kinds of things don’t just happen by chance.”

Police believe alcohol may have been a factor.

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