So Kinect has been out for just over a month now, and we reviewed it, giving it a solid B. What’s most interesting though is what some have been able to do with it when they get under the hood. From Mario controllers to man boob generators, these are our favorite Kinect mods we’ve seen so far.

5. Kinect as a way to play Mario

Gaming’s newest technology mixed with one of its oldest games. The developer reworked Kinect to work with an NES emulator to control the original Super Mario Bros impressively.  It looks like a pain to run in place to move, but a definitely interesting idea.

4. Kinect controls Windows 7

Okay, so the video of this hack is really cheesy, but the tech behind it is pretty damn cool. Being able to control and explore Microsoft’s maps applications with your own movement is inarguably cool, and it adds the ability to perform simple tasks without the need of a mouse or touch screen.

3.  Kinect as an interactive shadow puppet

This could be the most technically impressive Kinect hack of the bunch. All you have to do is create a simple shadow puppet form with your hand and Kinect will turn it into a fully interactive animal for you to control on your wall. There may be a slight delay in a few of the movements, but it’s a mostly impressive application.

2. Drawing in 3D with Kinect

If the technology in this Kinect hack could be opened up to media editing, it could create a world of  new possibilities for companies like Kodak who allow users to edit their pictures online.

1. Kinect gives you a light saber

Come on. How awesome is that?!

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