GP for Child’s Play ( a Boston based charity organization will host its second annual fund raising event on Saturday at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center from 7-11 p.m. in Cambridge. 

Last year, the event met the $2,000 fund raising goals set by the organizers, confirming its status as an annual event.  For 2010, the organizers have already beat their goal of $3000. organizes the event around various games and gaming systems as a nod to the charity Child’s Play, the focus of the fundraising efforts. Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in a network of over 60 hospitals worldwide. In five years the charity has raised millions of dollars around the world.

Sponsors of the event include Microsoft New England Research & Development Center, Turbine, Boston Post Mortem, and us, here at Blast Magazine. 

“Last year’s event was such a success, and we were so thankful for everyone involved,” said Jeremy Monken co-founder of “The gaming community came together in a big way for a great cause, and we cannot wait to see what we are capable of this year.”

The idea for the event began in 2009, when Shaun Greene and Monken began working in the video game industry as game designers for Muzzy Lane Software. Monken and Greene, along with their friends Annmarie Latta and Geoff Anderson, had all been fans of Child’s Play for a while and wanted to do their part.

“Originally, we were just going to throw a party at our house with some friends,” said Anderson. “Within a month, the event had snowballed into a big game night fundraising event at the Microsoft New England R&D Lounge and we ended up raising $2,000.”

The fundraiser feature donations of time, money, food, and raffle prizes by various local organizations including Harmonix, Fire Hose Games and Demiurge, as well as donations from other businesses such as Warner Bros. Games, Electronic Arts, ThinkGeek, Bethesda Softworks, and The Bartending Service of New England.

“Child’s Play is a fantastic charity, donating time and raising money for children’s hospitals around the world,” said co-founder of, Annmarie Latta. “We were honored to be able to help in any way, and are proud to be a part of everything Child’s Play has accomplished.”

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