Taylor Momsen attends the "Material Girl" collection launch at Macy's Herald Square on September 22 in New York. (WireImage)

Taylor Momsen attends the Material Girl collection launch at Macys Herald Square on September 22 in New York. (WireImage)

Controversial actress, Taylor Momsen, 17, has been sort of gone this season on “Gossip Girl.”

Momsen is contracted through season seven, but she has been sidelined for most of this year.

Us Magazine reports that she simply doesn’t care about the plot or the other “Gossip Girl” members.

Momsen, who also fronts the rock band Pretty Reckless, has grown up and changed a lot since her debut at age 7 in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Us Weekly even reports that she flashed her breasts to the crowd at her Oct. 21 Pretty Reckless concert in NYC.

Momsen had requested that her dressing room include a full bar. The request was denied.

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