According to TLC, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was considered as the most watched series premiere in the network’s history, which drew 5 million viewers.

However, the second episode fell a 40 percent, to 3 million total viewers Sunday night. The episode earned a 2.2 household rating. Of those viewers, the 18-49 demo dropped 44 percent from the premiere.

Although the first week got 1.6 million viewers, the second episode only attracted 885,000, who are in the age 18-49 range. The median age of the show is currently 57, which is 15 years older than TLC’s usual median age of 42.

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Eiko Watanabe is a Blast staff writer in New York

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  1. wuffie

    I can’t believe that many people would have watched it the first week. I actually did not and will not. How can anyone watch someone showing how wonderful Alaska is when that same person, as govenor, put a bounty for every right wolf paw., Alaska is a wilderness, but she wanted to get rid of the wolves. Why hasn’t she has done as much to help save the polar bear. She is a politician, not an environmentalist. All she wants is the media attention and to line her pockets. No Palin in Alaska or the US. Remember, she can see Russia from her home. 🙂


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