Megamind remained in first place for the second straight weekend, inching towards the $100 million mark with $30 million.

Unstoppable had a middling debut, bringing in $23 million for second place. For a film with a fairly high price tag (estimated at more than $100 million) this can’t be a good start.

Due Date landed in third, but dropped more than 50% week to week, and has grossed less than $60 million total. While that’s pretty good, the box office star power of Robert Downey Jr., coupled with the director of The Hangover, more was expected.

Skyline and Morning Glory had very underwhelming debuts in fourth and fifth place.

The Top 10:

1. Megamind: $30 million, $89 million total

2. Unstoppable: $23.5 million, NEW

3. Due Date: $15.5 million, $59 million

4. Skyline: $11.7 million, NEW

5. Morning Glory: $9.6 million, NEW

6. For Colored Girls: $6.7 million, $31 million

7. Red: $5.1 million, $80 million

8. Paranormal Activity 2: $3 million, $82 million

9. Saw 3D: $2.7 million, $43.5 million

10. Jackass 3D: $2.3 million, $114.7 million

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