Jostens Personal Yearbook Pages seem to be targeted at current high school students, but a few months back our 10 year reunion came and went without so much as a couple pictures snapped, and without the enthusiasm our senior yearbooks once instilled. Had I known about a way to supplement our yearbooks with an added insert such as this, maybe the memories wouldn’t appear as lame as I remember them. Jostens provides a simple and fun process of logging on to the Web and uploading your favorite pictures from the school year and other events, vacations and memories. Images can also be uploaded from your personal Facebook or Flickr account. Customize four pages for $15 with your own style that includes all design, color, layout and images choices created by you, and are then sewn into your individual yearbook. Pages are next to autograph sections so friends can enjoy your photos while signing their names. You can even “share” your pages among friends so that even if you are far apart, you can include pictures that someone else may have taken.

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