NBC has cancelled the low-rated Undercovers, just weeks after picking up the show for a full season. The show has been averaging less than 6 million viewers, and less than a 1.5 demo rating for the past several weeks. We’ve been predicting the end of Undercovers here at Blast since day one, but the surprise renewal poked a hole in that; the updated cancellation is more in line with what we’ve been seeing.

Now that NBC’s reversed one pickup, it will be interesting to see if they also cancel other low rated shows, such as Chase and the The Event.

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  1. LearnSomething

    Undercovers was never picked up for a full season. NBC had ordered 4 additional episodes of the show, which is not the same thing.

  2. Funny Guy

    Funny, I like the Event, I liked Chase and Undercover…2 of them are already cancelled, The Event is next.

    I’m starting to get fed up with so many new shows getting cancelled. Major Networks should only do reality shows like a Bunch of Grannies fighting for some Jell O. The winner would have free healthcare for a whole year. Sounds stupid but that’s what people want…..stupid reality shows.

    Or maybe the new reality is that people are fed up with TV overall and they rather surf the Net instead.

    It’s like we have a good Vampire show, so now all networks have their vampires and wherewolves….what’s next ET’s?

    Sorry but I’m getting angrier and angrier with each passing years.

  3. Sly Stone

    Undercovers was really intriguing. More of a modern day Hart to Hart. Sad that this show got cancelled, my Daughter an I enjoyed watching it. Oh well looking forward to Terra Nova and it’s 8 to 12 episodes before FOX kills it.

  4. Sharon

    Last year, every show that I liked was cancelled. The Olympics were on and the shows were preempted because of that. Then when the Olympics were over, they said these shows are cancelled: Mercy, Trauma, Three Rivers, Numbers, Ghost Whisperer. This year I predicted what would get cancelled. Undercover, The Defenders, Hawaii Five-0, CSI Miami…………Hawaii Five-0 will survive. Undercovers is gone. The Defenders has been shuffled around the time slots, it is really hard to find it. CSI Miami is on the way out. Monday at 10 has been their slot since it came on the air. Every show they put in that time slot gets cancelled. So I have not got into very many of the new shows. Whatever I like is the kiss of death for the show.


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