SAN DIEGO — Proposition 19 has failed. It’s a done deal, and marijuana will not be legal in California.

But the poll numbers are looking a lot closer than many in the War on Drugs may have expected.

With 93 percent of precincts reporting, Prop. 19 received 54 percent opposition and 46 percent support.

Not bad for a measure that was universally opposed by law enforcement, elected officials in the Republican and Democratic parties, not to mention the entire federal government, which threatened to enforce anti-drug laws on Californians anyway, even if voters approved the measure.

Prop. 19’s place on the ballot did not bring people to the polls. Some people felt there would be a surge in young voters looking to legalize marijuana. Exit polls showed that only 1 in 10 voters came out to vote because of Proposition 19. The governor’s race was by far the top issue, followed by the senate race.

The measure would have allowed people possess an ounce of marijuana and grow up to 25 square feet of marijuana in their backyards.

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  1. Sana

    Prop 19 will come back again to win. We will fight back to make it legal watch this!!!

  2. Notfooled

    Wow “universally opposed by law enforcement and elected officials in the Republican and Democratic parties”. Nice propaganda. Here’s a quote from a former police chief “Like an increasing number of law enforcers, I have learned that most bad things about marijuana – especially the violence made inevitable by an obscenely profitable black market – are caused by the prohibition, not by the plant.– Joseph McNamaraFormer San Jose Police Chief”

    And then there’s L.E.A.P (Law enforcement against prohibition: which is made up of ex narcotic and other police officers. As for politicians who are ‘universally opposed’ a survey conducted by KPBS reports “Of the 146 people polled, 41 were opposed to Prop 19, three declined to state, and two had no opinion. The remainder did not respond to our survey.”

    So anyway, another sad day for freedom and liberty as uniformed Americans vote to continue the status quo of celebrating alcohol while demonising much safer alternatives. I suppose the devil you know is much better than a sheeples innate fear of change?

  3. shane

    you’re all morons. im glad this didnt pass. because as a pot smoker id rather not go to federal prison for a dime bag. in case anyone missed the facts, As of October 2010 , even if the proposition had passed, the sale and possession of marijuana would have remained illegal under federal law via the Controlled Substances Act. so would you rather go to federal prison for an ounce and a half? or even a dime over the ounce ONLY THE STATE allows you to have? the feds can still charge you for something as small as a dime. because they will never fully legalize it. and if you all wanted it so bad u shld have got off the couches and voted. the problem is lazy smokers who just want legalization to fall into their laps


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