Is this the end of Christine O’Donnell? Who knows, but here’s her concession speech:

I cannot thank you enough. We worked hard. We had an incredible victory. Be encouraged. We have won. The Delaware political system will never be the same. Well, you know what I mean by—my joking big brother goes: ‘We won? Did we miss something?’ You know what I meant. We were victorious because the Delaware political system will never be the same. That’s a great thing. The Republican Party will never be the same. And that’s a good thing.

Our voices were heard and we’re not gonna be quiet now. This is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I just got off the phone with my opponent and I reminded him that he is now in a position to help the people of Delaware who are suffering. I reminded him of Victor Rodriguez and Donald and his family and the many small business owners who are very concerned about these tax hikes. And if he does raise them on the top 2%, they’ll be forced to close their doors.

I asked him to watch that 30 minute commercial that we did so he can see what’s going on in Delaware the way I have. And I asked him if he would talk to you and if he would take up my promise to in this lame duck session fight the death tax from being reinstated this January 1st.

So hopefully he will.

And he’s gonna be up against his party leadership, but I asked him if he would sit down with some of the families who are very concerned about that and realize the difference he can make. So, we can only hope and pray that he chooses to go against his party leadership and do what’s right for the people of Delaware.

But we’re not gonna stop fighting either—cause there’s a lot of work to be done—a lot of work to be done. As I’ve said this whole campaign is about putting the political process back into your hands. And that is where it is now. The leadership of our party is going to be drastically different—this next year. The leadership in Delaware will be drastically different from now on. Our elected officials will be held accountable to—by their constituents—like it or not.

So, although the outcome isn’t what we all worked so hard for, our voice was heard—will continue to be heard. So I hope and pray that you are as encouraged as I am. We’ve got a lot of food. We’ve got the room all night. So, God Bless You. So, let’s party!

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  1. wayne

    All Democrats owe a huge vote of thanks to Sarah Palin, the republican candiddate for dog catcher!


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