WASHINGTON — The Rally to Restore Sanity was chaotic.

I love a good march for any issue I’m passionate about, but this march and/or rally was quite a bit different. For one, there were enormous crowds — more enormous than usual. I spent an hour on the Metro before I finally emerged at Archives and started walking toward the Mall.

I learned three things from the Rally. First, always bring a tall man with broad shoulders — I got a great view sitting on them. Second, don’t go to a march if you’re claustrophobic. A girl next to us freaked out and next thing you know, she passed out, and it took the medical people a while to push their way through the crowds. The last thing I learned at the rally is that sometimes it’s OK to stay at home and watch it on TV.

If you go to the rally, can’t hear anything, and get stuck in a huge crowd of people, you’re pretty much guaranteed to miss the entire thing — which I did.

So, I don’t have any deep thoughts about the rally, having missed it, but I did get some great shots and I had an awesome time. I’m sure it’ll be up on YouTube.

Photos by Maggie Winters as well

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Maggie Winters is a Blast Magazine correspondent and photographer in Washington

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