SAN DIEGO — San Diego police have rearrested a man suspected in the killing of 14-year-old Ahlyja Pinson in 2007.

Antero Cruz, 23, was booked Thursday night on a murder warrant, with bail set at $1 million. He was held at the San Diego County Jail.

Ahlyja was found dead in the basement of a vacant home at 2900 E St. on December 31, 2007. A homeless man had found her and called 911.

Cruz, an acquaintance of Pinson, was originally arrested ten days after the teen was found beaten and stabbed. His arraignment was canceled pending further investigation, but he was held in jail for violating a 2006 car theft conviction. He was later released.

The case has been reviewed regularly and new evidence links Cruz to the murder. He is set to be arraigned Monday in San Diego Superior Court.

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