Glee won the night with it’s Rocky Horror themed episode, and it was up a tick from its last new episode to a 4.8 demo and 11.5 million viewers.

No Ordinary Family is starting to look downright ordinary; it was last in the hour and drew a 2.0 demo; it’s now officially in danger at the end of the season if it doesn’t rebound.

A second episode of Raising Hope in Running Wilde’s time slot outdrew its last demo rating by a full point. Expect a cancellation notice for the Will Arnett comedy soon.

8 pm

Glee: 4.8 demo, 11.5 million viewers

NCIS: 4.1 demo, 19.8 million viewers

The Biggest Loser (8-10): 2.4 demo, 6.5 million viewers

No Ordinary Family: 2.0 demo, 7.3 million viewers

9 pm

NCIS: LA: 3.4 demo, 16 million viewers

Dancing with the Stars: 3.0 demo, 15.5 million viewers

Raising Hope: 2.6 demo, 6.3 million viewers

9:30 pm

Raising Hope: 2.3 demo, 5.5 million viewers

10 pm

The Good Wife: 2.4 rating 12.5 million viewers

Detroit 1-8-7: 2.0 rating, 8.8 million viewers

Parenthood: 2.0 rating, 4.9 million viewers

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  1. Pascale Falcone

    Romany Malco needs to eject ASAP. This show’s a turkey and he’s done much better work before it.
    The show has nothing to offer.


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